One Last Time

Anyone - Justin Bieber


We've changed clothes, respectively. Yes, indeed, a date that I will never forget.

"Ready to date?" I smile. I'm excited now. If we can't be lovers, at least we've had different experiences. As  my request, Gerald is wearing a purple shirt, and I am wearing a pink shirt, just like the other couple goals. I also asked him to wear a hat, very handsome of course. And I was told to tie up like a schoolgirl and wear glasses, really like a nerd. I wear big round glasses, and they droop a lot.

"I'm a nerd." I held out my hand.

"I'm a bad boy." Gerald introduced himself.

"No. You're not."

"I am." I laughed and hugged him. 

"Let's go." I don't remember if this was the last day I had fun. After this, it's all just memories, which will put me down as much as possible.

"Before the date, it looks like we need to eat."

"Right," I said, confirming the word lover a day.


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