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Rara thought that moving to Germany with her husband would all go well. However, their love will be tested there. Can Rara survive this hardship or she end up leaving Gerald because of an unforgivable sweet mistake? Love, betrayal, longing, opportunity, trust, quarrel, all packed into one story.

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201 Chapters
David's Game
My heart is very broken when I read that message. Gerald mad at me I realized he is. I don't know what my fate will be in the future. Whether it's going to be a wrong step or not, I'm sure I'm doing all this for the good of all and his future. My baby. I stroked my pregnant belly. I will survive for my daughter. Because after trying no matter what, me and Gerald were not meant to be together in the end. It's okay, the important thing is that Gerald can be free and can continue his studies. All this I do for the sake of happiness.David asked me to come home and I just followed his game. Because I lost. He is so cunning and good at taking advantage of situations."Never mind, don't cry anymore, we'll be happy," David said again, wiping my tears as I got off his motorbike. I don't care about him, he's a demon, he's a devil."Promise, don't be sad again, OK?" said David softly. I looked at him and could fee
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Wrath of Gerald
Warning !!! There are lots of harsh and inappropriate words. For those who don't like harsh words, you can leave it. ___________________________________"You son of a bitch!""WHAT THE HELL. YOU TWO ARE DOING!" shouted Gerald as soon as he saw me appear. Maybe seeing our appearance are both messy, especially David, he's shirtless."WHO THE HELL, YOU THINKING YOU'RE!" Gerald was furious. His face was already red, holding his anger. David casually looked at Gerald, who was angry. David put his hand on his chest and gave Gerald a scornful look. I was hiding, horrified to see an enraged Gerald. I timidly saw staring at Gerald. He stared straight at me. The angry glint on those green eyes was unmistakable. I didn't dare look at Gerald.Gerald grabbed my hand roughly, and I immediately pulled forward. Tripping on my own feet, luckily, he could hold my body. Otherwise, I would fall.
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The Deer and The Mouse Deer
I was considered a cheap whore. With his curse, Gerald raped me in the car. And treating me harshly, I was like an animal in his eyes. When I struggled, he pulled my hair so violently that he wanted to spit on me. It's like that, and he still teases me. Gerald is ruthless!My heart is very broken. I can only cry and cry. I should die rather than be treated like this. My whole body is marked red. I would instead slice it with my skin knife than rough it. Gerald raped me brutally, like an animal in mating season. He didn't even listen to my screams. I had begged him to stop, but that damn boy just kept on doing his lustful. He was very rude.Several times I kicked him. I don't care, want disobedience or something. He was the one who was harsh on me.And now, I lay on the bed naked, covered only by a blanket. I have no energy to wear my clothes back.I'm still sobbing. I realized half of it was my fault too. I ca
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Dirty Little Games
Today, I want to indulge with my husband after our declaration. It has been a long time since I'm spoiled with him. Because every day is filled with fighting and crying. I also don't know when Gerald will return to Germany again. But, I wanted to follow him there."Gerald, when did you come home to Germany?" I was sitting leaning against the head of Gerald's wide bed. Gerald lay on my thighs, and I wrung his thick hair."With you?" he staring at me. "My passport is not certain. I haven't taken care of the visa either.""It's done, take a photo. You also don't need another interview.""So, when are the photos?" I kept stroking Gerald's thick hair, pulling it occasionally until he grimaced in pain."I'll be informed later.""So long." my grumpy was annoyed. I cannot wait. I want to go abroad. Moreover, my beloved country, accompanied by my dear husband, every
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Gerald's Revenge
Okay, Rara, let's play the game. You with your guy. I'm with many girls here.At night, I went to Eloy's friend's party. I want to feel freedom too. Eloy often invites me to parties, but I'm lazy to get into trouble, plus I can't be a normal human being. I always get drunk if I taste a little alcohol. Instead of ending up embarrassing, I better not to go. Of course, I can be ridiculed. A handsome man like me meant to be an average human because of the dizzy smell of alcohol. Damn! Even though most Germans people drink wine, they rarely drink water.I went with Eloy. I live with Oma. Eloy's home is far from Grandma's home, but he often plays there. The one near Winola's house. Only a few places away. Like a block. Grandma's house faces to the east, Winola's home is two houses apart and faces west.We arrive at his friend Eloy's house. Still in the Hessen area. Hessen is one of the largest regions of Germany.I
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Jerman I'm Coming
Germany, I'm coming.Finally, I will see the outside world as my dream.All documents required for traveling abroad have been completed within three days. All Gerald takes care of it, I sit and be photographed.My mother still wouldn't let go, but I was stubborn and determined to go. I don't want to intend to live in the neighborhood where I live. I feel uncomfortable. Mother was angry and still didn't want to take me to the airport. Mother knows how suffering I was when Gerald left. Mother should be able to let go of me. Sometimes, I don't understand the way my mother thinks.Finally, my brother delivered. My tears fall. I will miss my mother and brother.I hugged Aldo while crying. He felt uncomfortable hugging him. That bastarppd didn't hug me back, even though I had already imagined a choking separation. With Aldo calling because he let me go."Can you let go? I can't breath
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Gerald's Girlfriend
“Mom-” “Yes?” my tears are pouring out. “I miss you.” “Me also misses you. Take good care of yourself. Take care of your health, take care of the baby's.” my tears are getting heavier. I miss my mom. And always, this message is what Mother delivers. Yes, Mother of Attention. But I feel like my mom doesn't believe in me. I can take care of myself. I'm an adult, have become a wife and mom to be. Why my mom have to be afraid? I can be responsible for myself. “Yes, mom. Mom, please don't be sad. I can take care of myself here.” I replied, convincing mother. “Yes, I'm not sad. I was worried, you're in a distant place.” Even though mom said no, I know she is so sad right now. “Later some time, you can go a walk here. It's winter, mom.” I grind my teeth. I was so tacky, and I was freezing. Even though I used the heating, I had to hug Gerald's naked body, so I didn't become hypothermia. And I also have to use lip balm,
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Rara and Her Shortcoming Overthinking
Gerald's girlfriend.How am I missing something here? I glance a kill for Gerald to confirm this.“I'm sorry, Ale. Rara is my wife.” Gerald tried to calm down from the already heated state. This can't be tolerated. How could this bastard, this jerk play on my back? Plus, this miserable girl confidently admits she is Gerald's girlfriend.“Wife? Really? Are you fucking kidding me again?” shrieked the blonde.“Yeah, I just want you to introduce my beautiful woman in the world.”“Bullshit!” I scream and throw remote to Gerald. The remote hit Gerald in the face, and he caught the remote, before everything started.“I'm sorry, Ale. Wait me here.”Gerald, follows me to the bedroom. Tears reach my cheek. It's warm. It's so hurt. Why does Gerald always hurt me? Can't it, it suppresses my ego and makes my heart flower for a second? This jerk and all his egos. Fuck you all!
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Baby Gender
The chill began to spread throughout my body, where I felt my body shivered.Where is my natural warmth? I fumbled, and I felt empty.I quickly opened my eyes. Gerald was gone. I reached for the cellphone and checked the clock. Gosh, it's 9 o'clock, no wonder my husband has left. I should have gotten up first and prepared him breakfast.Lazily, I go to the kitchen. My stomach is rumbling. Lately, I feel hungry fast.I make cereal and milk. My cell phone vibrates.Gerald Handsome: I've made an appointment for check up today. Get ready at 10 I pick you.I read the message and hurried to take a shower. But the chill still attacked me. I don't want to take a shower. Finally, I chose to wash my face and brush my teeth.And I just realized I don't have winter clothes, I don't have a cozy warm sweater. I have to borrow Gerald's coat. And I can't perhaps wear a dress because we will
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One Night Stand
I want to make fun on Gerald. I don't have a stomachache. But I'm just tired, not in the mood to serve him right now. But I suddenly felt guilty after seeing him panic. I Always, acting stupid, that makes us both hurt."Pain? Why? Cramp?" Gerald asked in a panic.I shook my head. "I don't know it's sick. Let me rest, you can go to college." I said in a weak voice, to be sure. But guilt keeps hitting me."I can't, I was worried something bad happen to you. Like last night." Gerald brushed his hair, and his face was terrified."It's okay, thereafter if I get sick or whatever, I'll just call. But you have to move quickly, okay?" I held my stomach."Yes, sorry for making you sick." Gerald said with a worried expression. He kissed my forehead for a long time, damn it!. Yet if our husband asks us to refuse, it will be a severe sin, how bad I'm. Mostly like me, who made him dizzy. I'm currently pregnant. I shouldn't be like this. I bit my lower lip, holding ba
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