Last One

I'm lying in the room—me time. I just lay there watching TV. I just saw moving images on the plasma. Because on purpose, I didn't raise the voice.

My physique can be in the room, and my mind wanders far.

The sound of the door opening. My heart immediately warmed. This is what I'm waiting for.

"Mom." I miss that voice. No matter how selfish and no matter how strong my heart refuses and hurts with past events. I remain, take this man back, and forgive him without knowing it.

"Why?" I asked dryly. A week, he didn't fill this room.

"Daddy missed you. Sorry for everything. Honestly, I can't be away from you. Ah, I'm crazy there. I can't be apart from my children, and I can't be apart from you either. Please, mom, you can punish anything, but do not separate. This is torturous. " I looked at Gerald, saw the sincerity of the words that came out of his lips.

"Where's Skye?"

"Playing outside." I just nodded.

Gerald followed me to bed. He hugged

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