The Snooty Billionaire's Maid
The Snooty Billionaire's Maid
Author: Gift Odulesi
1: Arrival of the New Maid

Jace Snowman

The whole place was on full blast music that sounded like the heartbeat of a panting lion and the way people danced on the club's dance floor made it seem like the whole place was on fire.

My eyes roughly rummaged through the whole club and I heaved out a heavy sigh when I spotted my two best friends, Xavier and Henry chugging down their glasses of alcohol down their throats in one drought.

I decided that it was time I swigged my own glass before I went totally crazy on having to wait my ass right here for some reason that didn't quite seem to make any sense to me.

I had always come to the club for what everyone tagged as exhilaration or enjoyment since I could have a whole thousands of women surrounding me at just one snap of my fingers.

I quaffed the remnant of my glass with a conclusive harsh breath through my mouth. The bitter taste was putrid for now because I was feeling quite frustrated tonight for no good reason.

"Hi, Jace." A young and totally unfamiliar woman spoke as she approached me and I guessed she must have yelled her life out for me to have heard her despite the sound of great intensity from the loud speaker's booming music that erupted from it rigorously.

She seemed to intentionally sway her hips seductively as she walked closer to me.

She viciously snaked an arm around my neck and bent her back so she could have her face directly to mine.

"I see you haven't had any chick hanging around you tonight, I'm totally available and you should know that the first person in one night should be the sweetest and hottest." She said and winked, batting her eyelashes and sticking her tongue out coquettishly.

"You know what? I'm not in the mood." I tried my whole best to be polite to her and what!... I even smiled back.

"Oh." She said disappointedly and looked down, "maybe next time then." She said and gently leaned closer, carresing her lips on my left cheek before carefully planting a soft kiss on it.

She stood up straight and wiggled her fingers at me with another wink.

She slowly started to stagger away tardily, towards the direction at which she came from.

The way her hips moved was quite tempting but I wasn't in for such with any woman today. She looked like those supermodels. Yeah, like my crazy fiancee, Kylie Kingsley.

Kylie was a supermodel, actress and she had a rich family tree which she was lucky enough to have inherited their wealth and is now one billionaire, just like all three of us (Henry, Xavier and me). She had all you wanted in a woman (pretty much) but she still hassled the hell out of me.

Speaking of the demoness, here she came, taking quick strides into the club with Charlotte, Xavier's girlfriend. They were always together and never missed a chance to feed each other with every inch of gossip.

They both walked in like they were doing a runway.

Kylie's eyes landed on me since my spot in the club was easy to tell because we had a permanent V.I.P seat.

A broad smile appeared on both their faces.

"Hello, I've missed you so much!" She exclaimed and threw herself to me, curling her arms around my neck, making me involuntarily but definitely automatically wrap my arms around her waist.

Charlotte easily and comfortably sat on Xavier's lap, snaking an arm around his torso possessively and sharing a kiss with him. Gross much!

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I said grouchily to Kylie when she attempted to do what Charlotte just did to Xavier.

"Nothing. I just want to sit on your lap too." She shrugged like she didn't already sound so annoying.

"I strongly believe that you're not blind and you realise the presence of the other chairs around us." I fed her with that totally patent information since she was proving to be currently having a problem with her sight.

"I know that." She spat, scrunching her face into a frown. "I also want to feel your touch." She spoke with a lust-filled tone and held my shoulders, moving closer.

"You should know that you're forcing yourself on me, like always." I said with a sarcastic smile.

"No, I'm just being romantic with my to-be-in-a-few-months time husband." She gave a shit-eating smirk.

"You're really…" I didn't get to finish my sentence when we were interrupted by Henry's interference.

"Jace, you shouldn't be so rude to her, she'll be your wife. You need to learn a lot from Chynese and I.'' He scoffed, like always, trying to prove how great and happy he and his wife, Chynese were.

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and Kylie sensibly pulled out the seat beside me around the circular table and sat on it cautiously.

"Yeah Henry, no one's interested in listening to your old boring story once again." She supported and also rolled her eyes.

"I have to get going now guys, bye." I said and jumped to my feet.

"Now?" Kylie said disappointedly. "I thought we were going to have some fun afterwards, and you're leaving so soon?" She pouted.

"Oh my, look at you being such a child." I smirked and gently placed a kiss on her lips. "I'm not in the mood today, I'll call to let you know when next we can meet. Remember, don't you dare come visiting without my permission." I reminded her.

"Duh!" She rolled her eyes again. "I don't understand what's your deal with that." She hissed.

"Good." I kissed her again and left the club, getting into my limousine. I wondered if Mr Bones had already arrived with the so-called new maid since the old woman that was my preceding part-time maid had recently travelled out of the country because her children finally decided to care for her.


Caramel-Roseline Kentwood

First thing, please ignore my long names. I didn't understand why my long gone parents decided to name me such long names at once.

So back to the real situation at hand.

Mr Bones, the uncle to a… should I say friend of mine? Nah, I didn't have people I could call friends, just a bunch of chickens and cows clothed in the human body.

"So, Mr Bones?" I called gently, making myself more comfortable on the chair of the back seat of this taxi we had been in for the past 'what seemed like forever' hours.

"Yes, dear." He replied with a totally expressionless look plastered on that boring face of his.

"When are we going to arrive at this place? I really need to use the bathroom already." I said, feeling quite angry on having to wait, the thing I hated doing the most in my life.

"We're almost there." He replied calmly and resumed staring blankly at the road through his window from his side of the seat.

There was an awkward silence between us for a while and it was killing me that I hadn't had all my questions poured out to this man.

"Mr Bones?" I called again.

"Yes?" He replied again casually. Woah, he didn't seem angry. Unlike me, I would go totally crazy if you called me twice to obviously ask me a question, relatable questions.

"Who exactly am I working for?" I really had to ask that question. Just to know if he wasn't selling me to some jerk that could rip my body apart, assault or harass me or even sell my body parts. I internally laughed at my own thoughts.

"I don't know if you know him." He said silently, seeming quite hesitant to say his name or her name. C'mon girl, don't be stupid. He just said 'know him' so it was definitely going to be a male boss.

"Who?" I frowned slightly, ushering him to proceed. I also hated when people beat around the bush when you can just talk in fast motion instead.

"Jace Snowman." He said and let out a breath before immediately averting his gaze to the window once again.

"What in the name of cows!" I exclaimed. "JACE SNOWMAN!!!" I yelled on the top of my lungs and I caught the driver's glare at me through the rear-view mirror but I ignored it.

"Yes." He replied without looking at me and not feeling guilty that it was as if he was planning my death.

"I can't work with Jace, everyone knows him to be an asshole!" I screamed, way louder than I intended.

"You'll have to. He's the only person available or else you want to go back to living in the subway or some matchsticks box." He said casually, also not acting like he had just insulted me but yeah, he was right.

"Please do something. Anyone else but Jace Snowman." I pleaded with my eyes and everything else I felt I could to plead with.

"No one else, I'm sorry miss." He drummed his fingers on the window sill.

I had worked as a maid for so many years now out of the 20 years of my life that I had been in existence, and I had always had nice bosses.

I doubt if there was anyone that didn't know Jace, this annoying snooty billionaire that rumors spread that he could murder you with just one glare and never cared before he paddled you asses with insults and never missed a chance to look down his nose at anyone.

I was feeling so nervous right now. It wasn't like I was scared of him but I was very nervous and I could really do with another boss.

I didn't like being insulted by people and always tried to give myself importance more than I was worth but I had been with such nice bosses that I didn't have much problem with them and my cantankerous nature.

"We're here already." Mr Bones immediately pulled me out of drowning in my thoughts sea.

"Really?" I gulped audibly and he hopped out of the taxi so I did the same.

He twirled and only then did I get to take in the view of the gigantic place that they probably called a house.

"What the hell!" I exclaimed aloud, "someone really owns this thing called a house?!" I shook my head in amusement.

"Yes and this is where you'd be working." He stated the obvious to me but I still felt the need to act more surprised.


"Yes." He nodded proudly and held my hand to lead me into the place.

After some dumb security and shit while we stayed behind the tall and big gates that were heavy bars arranged vertically to form a gate and revealed the view of the house from outside the house.

We got in and made our way to the porch.

Not only did the beautiful compound take my breath with its beauty; it had elephant grasses everywhere with a concreted path that led the way to be trampled upon and not the elephant grass along with the beautiful petaled flowers that danced along the elephant shrubs, increasing its mesmerising beauty. On getting to the porch, I instantly felt giddy at having to take in the view of the porch that was clearly going to be worth about a million dollars.

"Mr Bones, I'm going to pass out." I said, squeezing his hand with both of my hands slightly and I could feel my palms were already so sweaty.

"Oh, silly, you're not. Just stay calm, okay?" He chuckled for the first time since I had ever met him which was only about a week or so.

He retrieved his hand and used it to ring the doorbell.

It took a while before the high-class, definitely exorbitant door slung inwards and the hot dude everyone could identify as Jace Snowman came into view, resting his body's weight on the door frame and creased his arm over the other.

"Here's the maid, sir." Mr Bones said with a bow of his head.

Jace's eyes scanned me from head to toe with a poker face that made it more killing to tell what he was thinking.

"Hm, not that bad." He mumbled.

"Okay then, I'll see you later, let her come in." Jace said grumpily.

"Come in! Am I starting tonight?!" I screamed in panic.

"Yes, of course." He spat.

I flinched hard on hearing his raspy voice.

"Do you have a problem with it, MAID?" He said crankily and the way his bold and flashy blue eyes that were glowing in the dark night bored into mine to intensify that glare of his, was killing.

Was I really going to work with this man? Full time?! I knew I was going to die at a young age but I didn't expect to die in the hands of Jace Snowman. I was so prepared to be roasted in boiling fried chicken oil. Yeah, that's how terrible he seemed.

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