The Snooty Billionaire's Maid

The Snooty Billionaire's Maid

By:  Gift Odulesi  Completed
Language: English
16 ratings
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Roseline Kentwood (Gift) is trying to earn a living so she takes the chance of being Jace Snowman, a rude billionaire's maid.She's not an easy-going, vulnerable, quiet and a maid that'll just let anyone insult her and treat her like trash. She's fiery and wouldn't miss a chance to spit at you and let you know how ill-mannered she is if you try to look down your nose at her.Jace is loving her spirit and her fiery nature and physique, but what's kind of limiting him is his 'billionaire fiancee' and how he and people feel, for him to go into a relationship or love his maid with his high status.READ ON TO ENJOY THIS AWESOME-FILLED ROMANTIC NOVEL.REMEMBER THAT PLAGIARISM IS BAD AND THIS BOOK BELONGS TO ME, Gift Odulesi so no one should steal my work.

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Resca Magoda
Wow just started reading this novel and I can’t get enough…. Well done to the author ...
2023-01-18 15:37:54
user avatar
Queen Harvey
Ended up loving this book
2022-05-19 07:53:45
default avatar
Nice story wish it wasn’t so short
2021-09-16 05:49:24
user avatar
Awesome read! Happy endings for all🤩
2021-07-11 07:22:50
user avatar
Linda Sims
really good read
2021-02-04 20:26:14
user avatar
Janet Hines
2021-01-23 04:01:24
user avatar
Jamie Carr
😊 I absolutely loved the book and I will be telling other readers like myself about your books 📚. Thank you and I will be most definitely reading some of your other books 📚. Great 👍 job 😀. Ms. J 🤗
2020-12-25 20:46:02
user avatar
I love the book
2020-11-21 03:16:51
user avatar
Erika Kuodyte
Absolutely loved the book
2020-11-14 04:02:32
user avatar
Kudos to the author
2020-11-09 15:38:06
user avatar
Lin Wilkerson
i have completed this book. it was very good and as a romance book goes, which I love, it kept me reading. The good part was it was complete and had a wonderful ending. Good luck in your future endeavors!!?
2020-10-29 15:48:13
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Johannah Mmakungwane
i just stated reading hope i will love it
2020-10-18 05:46:38
default avatar
Love this story?
2020-10-15 17:08:14
user avatar
I know this is just the first chapter but it was amazing. your works are always awesome. please update for my same ?.... ?
2020-09-24 02:13:22
user avatar
ok book.. sometimes confusing
2021-02-07 15:01:32
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39 Chapters
1: Arrival of the New Maid
Jace Snowman The whole place was on full blast music that sounded like the heartbeat of a panting lion and the way people danced on the club's dance floor made it seem like the whole place was on fire.
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2: Grumpy boss
Jace After I left the club and arrived home, I hopped on to the couch and carelessly designed the floors with my clothes, shoes.
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3: Admire
Caramel- Roseline I had my morning bath and dressed up in the bathroom because I was using the bathroom on the first floor (the main living room) since there wasn't one in my room. 
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4: Future Wife
Jace I stormed towards Gift and Kylie. I had been watching their drama because I didn't leave totally. 
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5: So Much Annoyingly Snooty
The incessant knocking from the door that was a few numbers of feet away from my gigantic room was loud enough to wake me up from my slumber.I groaned in annoyance then sat straight, on the bed.
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6: Excuse
I was panicking like crazy. Jace didn't like me coming into his room, else I wanted to clean it but the whole place was a mess right now. I hastily started to close the wardrobes and drawers. 
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7: This is Me
Kylie Kingsley "You're doing such a great job, sweetheart… yeah… yeah… more… keep that up… you're so good… love that… oh… yeah, yeah." Mike screamed as he took different photos of me while I changed my styles. 
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8: Friends Visit
Jace "Jace." Henry's voice beamed from behind me just when I was about to leave for the bathroom. I turned around, not having any expression or feelin
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9: Please Leave
Alexa Snowman Did this maid really just insult my brother in the presence of his visitors? In what page of the world did that exist?! "Am I hearing th
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10: Unexpected
"Jace?!" She jumped to her feet. Her chest was rising and falling in fast motion and she was panting seriously. "Baby, what the hell is this? Don't tell us you're ditching us for that man. This is going to be the second time you're doing that today." One of the men said tardily and without effort, he pulled her by her arm to make her sit on his lap then resumed with his torturing kisses on every part of her body.&nb
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