14. Taming Him

Follow your soul, it knows the way.


Two days.

Two days since Alessandro left me in this dark place, two days since I have seen light, two days since I've seen any human, Two days since I've eaten anything. 

And two days since I have decided to make Alessandro's every living moment hell.

What? You thought I would sit here cry and plead and when he comes I would turn into the perfect wife.

No! Never! With the things I faced I'm more then tempted to break the rules.

The two days in this confined dark space gave me alot of time to think.

I thought about all the things that happened 2 days ago, about how just because of opening the curtains Alessandro turned into a beast.

I realized Alessandro is not normal, no normal human being would act that way. I should've guessed it the moment I gazed in his eyes on our wedding day.

They were void of any emotion any feeling.

Anger is what I definitely felt on the first

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goodnovel comment avatar
I hope she sets the curtains on fire!
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Uma Andy
Second time I'm reading this Valentina's fan...
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Lorraine Stinnett
Anywhere I can read this for free? Waiting for coins is frustrating!!!

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