Chapter-5 Dumbo18

On opening up his phone, He tried to see if anything had changed inside. But he was unable to find anything and then his attention went to an app. He remembered  that it was not something that was downloaded by him and it was entitled 


" Proxima Centauri, If I remember correctly then it is the nearest Star to Earth." 

Rhythm came over Arjun's shoulder. 

And he watched as Arjun clicked on the app. It opened up to show many many portals. The title of these portals seems to be in another language. However, he randomly clicked on these portals one after the other. All these portals consist of many tools. Arjun had absolutely no idea what they were about. But he was able to recognize one portal. So he stopped there. 

'This portal seems to be a programming portal. '

He thought. 

Arjun's mother was a software engineer so he knew something about these things. Rhythm had been watching all that. He wasn't surprised like Arjun. It was as if he was familiar with them. 

Rhythm came over. To Arjun's surprise, Rhythm started sliding the portals. He turned yellow. It was as if he was trying to look for something. 

" Rhythm, Are you familiar with these? Do you understand what these are about ?" 

Arjun questioned him. 

" I don't" 

Rhythm replied. But Arjun can see, Rhythm was not questioning anything. His light seems to indicate to him that he feels familiar to what he was looking at. 

'Is it possible that you have forgotten certain things?' 

Arjun asked him again. 

" Rhythm, do you know What does a ' name' refers to?" 

" Nope…. Yes… I meant" 

Rhythm recalled when Arjun told him his name. He realized that after that he had been addressed by his name.

" Atoms don't need names to address another atom. They can… it is natural…. "

" It is okay, I understood. "

Arjun understands how he received every answer inside his head. 

However Important thing was that his suspicion was right. Just as he has thought. RH18 was never his name. It might be the only thing he remembers. 

While Arjun was occupied with his thoughts. Rhythm was still busy sliding the portals. He would have heard Arjun's thoughts if only his attention was not occupied elsewhere. Amongst the portals, there was a folder. 

Rhythm didn't understand why but as this folder came before him. His energy somewhere started draining. His yellow light began to go dim. Fortunately, Arjun saw that. He actually didn't know what to do. He immediately closed the app. He was questioning himself if he did the wrong thing, opening it up. 

His thoughts were running wild. 

' RH18 sounds scientific.Chip or app whatever restrains you. Have you gone through a terrible experience Rhythm? Were you part of some sort of scientific experiment?' 

Rhythm energy started draining even more…

Arjun really didn't know how to help his friend. He felt helpless. But, just in a moment, he got an idea. 

" Dumbo 18" 

Rhythm got puzzled and he turned blue. Somehow his idea worked. However, his light was still very dim. 

" Rhythm, I was thinking about your age?" 

" Age????" Rhythm had no answer. 

Arjun had a cheeky smile on his face. 

" I heard aunt saying that children turn dumb at 18." 

" Probably someone had found you before me." 

Rhythm was still confused but his light started getting better. 

" You don't know what does  an ' age' refers to isn't it Rhythm." 

" You are so dumb, you don't even know what his age. "

" The person who would have found you must have thought you to be in your 18 th year, I think that's why he named you that". 

Arjun was rejoicing inside, he was feeling as if he did a very good job. However, Rhythm was even more puzzled. 

 " I don't remember meeting any other human before." 

" What do you mean by ' dumb'?" 

 Rhythm questioned him. 

" Lacking neurons, or dysfunctioning of neurons. "

 Arjun was rejoicing even more when he replied that. He picked up his notebook in protection and he was stepping back. 

It was as if Rhythm had recovered his energy. 

He turned red. 

" But, I had just explained to you all that. " 

He was referring to the science assignment question. 

" Probably every 18 years old knows about it" 

After he said that, he directly went towards his bedside. 

He was remembering his friend. 

' If Ritvik would have been here. Until  this point, pillows would have been flying around the whole room.' 

 Rhythm followed him. He actually had never experienced all that before. 

But in the next moment. Both of them were running around the room. Onto the bed and then to the floor again to the bed then to the floor. 

Rhythm had turned green. Although he didn't know what they were doing. But he was enjoying it. 

Suddenly someone opened the door, causing both of them to freeze on the spot. 

" Aunt Mary!" 

" What were you doing?" Mary asked. 

She looked at the messed bedsheet. Then she looked at him as if she had caught him red-handed. 

" Ah.. h… I saw the cockroach". 

Arjun was pointing his fingers towards the bedside. 

"  Here aunt!" 

Arjun was absolutely great in making excuses in an instant. Rhythm was behind him. 

' But I haven't seen any cockroaches in the home.' Mary wondered. 

' I will check it out later!' 

She made a mental note to check it out later. While she was looking at Arjun. 

Arjun was wondering if he had successfully convinced her. 

" Anyways, Come... There is something important…. You need to know.." 

While saying these words she left the room. 

 At this point of time Rhythm and Arjun were looking at each other. Nobody knew what Mary was talking about. 

Arjun then followed her aunt to the hall. 

His home had a central hall. This hall had a big LED television. There were a sofa and a table whose height was just about the height of the sofa. 

Mary was sitting on the sofa. She indicated him to come by her side. News today was broadcasting their news on the television. Arjun joined her aunt.

However, Rhythm stayed at the entrance of the hall. 

[ "System Breakdown happened at the Main office section of Sterlite Electronics. Yesterday. "] 

[" This may  prove to be a big loss to the company"] 

[" Company is suspecting their Chief Engineer for this predicament."] 

[ Shikha Jeswal from News Today. ] 

Arjun eyes were wide in shock hearing all this. Mary had thought that Arjun would be knowing about it. She was also very surprised by hearing it. That's why she called him. But right now watching him she was contemplating on if she did the right thing. 

Arjun felt surprised… angry and sad. 

' So that's why you kept ignoring me today. How can you do this, Ritvik? Do you ever trust me? What do you take me for?' 

'But nevertheless, this is not the right time to complain about anything.' 

In the next moment, he saw his aunt in her eyes. 

" Aunt, I need to go to his home, now. Please help me. I want to stay there this week." 

Mary was startled. She never expected this response from him. She didn't know whether she should appreciate him or scold. 

" No, you are not going anywhere. Right now they must be going through a difficult situation. "

" looking after you will only add more trouble." 

Arjun was staring at her with his pleading eyes.

"  No, Don't look at me like this.You won't be able to convince me. "

Arjun stood upon his toes and with one hand over his head. 

" See, I have grown so well"

" I can take care of myself." 

Arjun said 

Looking at him Mary felt to smile but she controlled herself. 

" Please aunt" 

Mary knew it was very difficult to convince him this way. He will keep on doing all that unless he has convinced her. 

" Okay, I will ask your parents in this regard," Mary replied 

" Okay aunt, please pack my luggage, I will take care of my backpack."

" Your parents haven't agreed on this, yet." 

" I am sure they will listen to you." 

 Saying this, he returned to his room. 

 Mary was left with no option. However, she thought she will find a way to bring him back tomorrow. But for now, she may rather help him. 

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