Chapter-11 If these files are clues to them they can also be clue to us.

Rhythm flew over from Arjun's shoulder and ascended forward. 

" Hey Rhythm, wait for me." 

Arjun followed Rhythm, he carefully hid behind the second building. Rhythm went further but when he found that Arjun was not there behind him so he came back to Arjun. Ritvik also reached him. 

The fourth building can be clearly seen from the place where they had been hiding. It was appropriately lit with limited lights on the corridors. Two Guards could be seen from the place. One of the Guard was sleepy on his chair but the other one was actively guarding the building. 

Arjun and Ritvik placed their bicycles by the side of the second building and carefully crossed their path and hid behind one of the pillars of the office building. 

" My bag" 

Arjun asked for his bag showing him his anger. Ritvik gave him his bag, giggling inside on his response. 

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