Becoming Royal
Becoming Royal
Author: fatimazahrahzh

Chapter One

I stood in the middle of the bakery thinking which cake to choose. Mami said that he likes chocolate cake, but they don't have it here, only red velvet and vanilla sponge cake.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance, How can I guy like sweet things like chocolate cake? Don't they normally loves things bitter like black, strong coffee?. I smile at myself for the thought, cause that is what I normally read in novels.

I hissed as I look at the cake one more time. I was supposed to bake the cake for the mysterious Fahad that loves chocolate cake so much, but I was so engross in my design that I forgot completely and now is too late for me to bake and frost it, that's why I decided to come here and buy it for him.

Deciding on the one with chocolate and vanilla frosting, I open the fridge as I extend my hand to take it, but another hand beats me, push me a little almost losing my balance. I watch as the hand land on the cake

"Hey that's my cake" I said as I regain my balance but then I felt a sharp string on my forehead "oouuch" we said in unison.

Enraged I rub the place using my hand. I raised my head to deal with whoever it is, but then my eyes land on the most amazing brown eyes that I've ever seen.

I open my mouth to talk but no words came out of it, I watch as he blink his eyes that's when I notice his long eyelashes, he is handsome not bad. I whisper in my head. Sharp jaw line, pointed nose, big eyes with long eyelashes. I was drooling over him that I almost didn't notice when he walked pass me, giving me the most striking smile. I smile right back at him as I watched him walked away

"He is handsome" I whisper to myself smiling foolishly as i start walking to the other direction, but then it strikes me, terrified i turn around

"My cake" I gesture towards him with my hand and start running after him

He was half way to the counter when I meet him, I quickly stopped in front of him to block him from reaching the counter.

Panting, I bent down a little to catch my breathe. I raise my head to look at him, he looks transfixed. I rose on my full height realizing how tall he is, I bet he is up to 6'5 or so compare to my 5'3.

Nawal focus! a voice suddenly yell in my head, I close my eyes and took a deep breath then opened them, that's what I normally do to help me concentrate.

Looking at him "my cake" i said pointing to the cake he was holding

"What?" he asked looking at me with an bored expression

Focusing my eyes on the cake "am sorry M..M..Mr" i said stuttering "but this cake is mine" pointing to the cake

He was looking at me up and down his eyes showing disbelief and annoyance.

He smirk clearly showing how displeased he is with the situation "are you delusional, you where admiring the cake, I don't have to wait for you to finish, for me to buy what I want to, in case if you don't know this is a place for shopping not for admiring"

Stunned, I gaze at him, he is not even apologizing for pushing me "look Mr, I was deciding which one to take, not admiring cause trust me I can do better job than that, I just didn't get the time, so if you'll kindly handle over that cake to me I'll appreciate it" I said with a fake smile because right now I feel like slapping the hell out of him.

If glare could kill, his could have killed me already, I don't blame him he has a big eyes for that.

"I can't do that miss, cause the way you are" he said calculatingly looking at my dressing up and down

"I don't think you can afford it. I assume you came with someone they happened to let you wander around, I need to call security".

If I was annoyed, now am damn angry in this country, a woman can not simply dress as she pleases to go out without hearing comment from idiotic people like him.

"Am not sure if you're not familiar with this" I said holding my sky blue hijab "this is how we muslims women dresses and....

The idiot is laughing, I watch him transfixed, he just took me as some sort of joke and amusement.

I frown, rolling my eyes and letting go of my hijab "there is no use he's a jerk" I murmured to myself.

I turned around and decide to leave the place I rather go and take all the trouble and bake the cake than listen to this jerk. Gazing at the watch tie on my wrist, it's only 4, at least I have time to do it this night.

I took not more than two steps when to my greatest surprise, I felt a hand drag mine and turn me around to face them. Stunned I raise my eyes to see who is that bold enough to do this, and I was not surprise when my eyes meet with his, he starred at me his eyes showing rage.

I chuckled as I watch his hand still holding mine through my Hijab, looking at him dead in the eyes I said "how dare you hold my hand"

"And how dare you walk away when am talking to you" he roar.

"Because all you're saying is stupid and is clear you don't even respect women" I said gesturing towards my hand with my eyes that he is still holding.

I was glaring at him when he scoffed and said

"just because you're wearing this to hide your face, do you think you can missbehave with me and go free?

I know this guys when I see one, he is giving me dangerous smirk but I just can't let him have his ways with me, Is clear that he is use to disgracing women this way, a sly smile broke on my lips

"Look Mr, you're just not worth wasting my breathe on you and a word of advice, Start getting a lesson on how to treat women, is clear that you lack on that area".

There, I got him right where I wanted him, furious not just furious, he seems enrage as he slowly let go of my hand without even realizing. I smile in content "serve you right" I whisper to myself and put my hand on the cake with the intentions of dragging it from him but he just easily let go. I smiled "serve you right" I said right on his face.

Content with what I did, I gaze at him and smiled that's when the worst happened, He put his hand on my Niqab and pulled it revealing my face.

For the record I did not see that one coming.

I starred at him as I feel tears coming out of my eyes, I've never been so humiliated my whole life like this

But then there is something about him, he seems off, his arrogant smirk is wiped off his face.

Without saying anything I used my hand to wipe the tears away giving him one last look, I walked to the counter and pay for the cake then walk out of the bakery without giving him another look.


The ride home was quiet, baba Ahmadu knows that something is off so he didn't even asked what happened knowing that I came back without my niqab while wiping my tears 

We enter the massive building as he keep on driving until we reach the second gate, that's where he park, I wipe my tears again then looked at him saying "thank you Baba Ahmadu"

"Is nothing dear" he answer as I open the car door holding the cake.

I smiled at him, closing the door then walk to the front porch, where to giant guards stood, as soon as they saw me, they thrown the giant double door open.

I murmured "thanks" to them then walk and enter the main parlor which I almost bump into Mami who seems like she is going out

before I can say anything she asked "where were you, I been calling your phone is not going through".

I walked to the dinning table then keep the cake, looking at mami "I went to get this" I said pointing to the cake.

I watched as she adjust her veil, she looked like she was going out, but then knowing mami she might say she did it for "His royal highness". Her words not mine

"What happened?" She asked, opening the cake "I thought you're going to bake it"

"I wanted to" I answer as I drag the chair to sit "but...

"You where designing, so you forgot". She finish my sentence looking at me straight in the eyes

I smile for the first time after today's incident "you know me too well"

"Like the back of my hand" she said smiling

She noticed that I was starring that's when she said "what?, is there anything on my face?"

She asked touching her face all worried

"No, nothing, but are you going somewhere all doll up".

"Yeah I almost forgot, that's why I been looking for you, go get ready we're going to attend dinner, your clothes is in my room" she answer all excited

I smiled at what she said.

Since I was a little girl, Mami always takes me to places with her. Be it family function or any other invite she gets, always telling people that am her niece, and that is the part I hate the most cause every one knows that we're not related.

Am so grateful for her and her husband for always treating me and my family like we are part of them.

But sometimes I wish they don't.

"I'll be back in a jiffy, go get ready" Mami said gesturing with her hand as she started walking.

"No, don't bother am not going". I said as I stood up

Her expression suddenly turned to sadness "but why dear?" She asked with a soft voice.

Before I can answer her, the front door suddenly bust open as sultana walk in, excited she stood before Mami and said "Farida is here we're going to the dinner with her"

I looked at her and realized she is also dressed up and wearing her alkayba on top

"What?" Mami asked her one and only daughter Sultana who is also my age mate

"I said princess Farida, is here...." She repeated her words

Irritated, Mami cut her saying "I heard that part, who told you she is coming with us"

Her face change to surprise "Umma Magajiya (the first wife of the king)" she answered

Mami rolled her eyes, then turned to looked at me and said "go get ready Nawal, let me go and confirm from His highness, why Farida joining us"

I quickly said "am really not going, beside I got to study and am sure you might not be back early"

Mami starred at me for a moment. Am sure she wants me to come with them, but I really can not handle sitting down to another dinner with a fake smile while talking about nothing in particular.

"Okay dear" she said holding my hand but her voice sounded sad

Giving her my most innocent smile, I went around her then wrapped my hands on her shoulders

"Come on mami, don't be angry" I said as I lay on her back whining

Sultana pout, raising her hand she said "yeah, whatever just pretend am not here"

Am very close with sultana, just the  way I am with mami, which is why I always thought she is understanding, of our relationship, beside we grow up and found our parents together, I think that also helps.

"Am not angry dear" Mami said as she turn me to face her "I just love for you be there with us"

Touching my chin she said "when are you coming next"

"When ever I got the chance, you know about exams is keeping me busy, if not, I love spending all my time here with you" I said excited

Smiling she said "yeah I know that, and tell Umma that I said Hi, Abdul will drive us, so you should call baba Ahmadu to drive you home".

"Yes ma" I answered smiling as I raised my hand to salute.

She smiled at the gesture. Well is kinda our thing I always do it to her.

Together, we walked out to the front door. she went to meet his royal Highness while I called baba Ahmadu to drive me home.


I know the first chapter is somehow, but please stick with me I promise it will get better. Thanks

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