Becoming Royal

Becoming Royal

By:  fatimazahrahzh  Completed
Language: English
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Nawal, an ordinary girl with ordinary life, who have zero expectations in this life. To Nawal, her life is perfect, until an in counter with a handsome "jerk" in the bakery, where she went to pick up a cake for Mami's mysterious Fahad.Fahad the mysterious, charismatic Prince. Who left Nigeria 15years ago for an unknown reason. Now he is back, but is he ready to face the greatest challenge of his life?.

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51 Chapters
Chapter One
I stood in the middle of the bakery thinking which cake to choose. Mami said that he likes chocolate cake, but they don't have it here, only red velvet and vanilla sponge cake.I rolled my eyes in annoyance, How can I guy like sweet things like chocolate cake? Don't they normally loves things bitter like black, strong coffee?. I smile at myself for the thought, cause that is what I normally read in novels.I hissed as I look at the cake one more time. I was supposed to bake the cake for the mysterious Fahad that loves chocolate cake so much, but I was so engross in my design that I forgot completely and now is too late for me to bake and frost it, that's why I decided to come here and buy it for him.Deciding on the one with chocolate and vanilla frosting, I open the fridge as I extend my hand to take it, but another hand beats me, push me a little almost losing my balance. I watch as the hand land on the cake
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Chapter Two
Prince Fahad POVI wiped the glass door with my hands, staring at my face on the glass, but her face keep popping back inside my head. The way she gaze back at me as tears found their way to her eyes. Something about her black orbs that was so captivating."Get a grip"I said out loud to myself.Turning the shower off I walked out wrapping a towel around my waist, that's when something on the sink caught my eyes, the sun reflecting on it. I move there and lift it on my fingers staring at it. It's a silver bracelet that fell off her hand when I held her, it has something like a name encrypt on it but I can't quite read what's written there.I walked out of the toilet and went to my closet, opening the drawer's where my wrist watches are, I remove one of them, then replaced it with the bracelet. There, it fit perfectly as if that's it's place. I smiled
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Chapter Three
Third Person POV.The sky intensified the presence of it's darkness, the whole palace is quiet. You can only feel the coldness that came on December night as the air blow gently on the trees, making them whisper in melodies.Among one of the majestic building that stood inside the palace, deep inside it, there lay a women on her khalisa (a place where the queens sit to take a rest) Umma Magajiya.A women of great ambition and selfish nature. The room was very cold not just because of the cold outside, but also because of the air conditioner that's working at every corner of the room and that didn't stop the two maids standing at her either site, holding a huge fan on their hands fanning her gently.She extended her hand towards the bowl of fruit in front of her then took an apple from it. Gently as if someone is forcing her she bit on it, while frowning her face. She then gaze at
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Chapter Four
"CRAB" I whisper out loud. slowly, letting go of the handle of the door as I start moving backward staring at the face that's staring right back at me"Am I dreaming?" I whispered in my head "or this jerk is really standing in front of me?"."Innalillahi wa inna ilaihimraji'un" that's what came out of my mouth out loud when I felt a sharp string on my leg. I close my eyes waiting to hear the sound of me falling. One...two...three... Seconds passed but still quite, slowly I opened one of my eyes to see what's stopping me.That's when my eyes jump out of their sockets and my mouth form a wordless "O" as I stares at him in shock. He was holding me in his arms just like how you normally see in movies.He blink his perfect brown eyes as his mouth curve to a smirk. Just like the other day he look so handsome like a prince that came out from a fairytale. He has a fair skin I realized, not very fair just average.
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Chapter Five
Through out the ride home no one utter a word. Adam offer to drive us home saying that he was going near our area.I sat at the passenger seat while Asmy at the back frowning, i know she is angry with me because I decided that we had to leave, but I don't have time to worry about her now, am still angry and surprise for the fact that, that jerk happens to be the prince which means I have to meet him every now and then unless...unless if I stop going to the palace all together, that's it, that's perfect. I thoughtI smile at the thought but then I remember if Mami didn't see me for few days, she'll come herself to check on me and asked the reason why I haven't visit them.I sighted heavy in frustration forgetting at all where I was "are you okay" Adam's voice rang inside my head.I blink, and whisper in my head "come on Nawal do you really want to embarrass yourself in front of Adam now""N
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Chapter Six
Grey clouds veiled the sky while the moon shine brightly on it. The night is chill, the kind that normally comes with December night.The flowers within the palace walls and garden gives a very nice fragrance all around.Among one of the buildings, The king  stood from his terrace looking directly at the moon as if waiting for the moon to talk."Are you alright?" Mami's voice whisper from behind him.He sighed taking a long breath then turned around with a little smile on his face "Now that you're here, am sure I'll be"Mami kept the little tray she was carrying on the stool and said "Don't flatter yourself" sitting down on the edge of the bed she continues while gazing at him "Am still angry at your wife for the stunt she pulled this afternoon. I mean how can she and Farida stoop so low?"The king stares at her then walk and sat beside her holding her hands in
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Chapter Seven
Nawal's POV"You look fabulous" Sultana said with a wide grin, giving me a side hug."Thanks babe" I said letting go of her and sat down near Mami while sultana sat opposite me."What's with the kwalliya? Or it is to impress a certain somebody" Sultana said teasing me.Mami scoffed and said "Seriously Sultana, you need to stop trying to play cupid, obviously is not working"."But mami can't you see, am sure they're going to make an amazing couple and...." Sultana said dreamily."For the 100th time Sultana, we're just friends" I said trying not to slip the fact that I been crushing on him."Then can you pleeessse be something more than friends? You guys will look so good together like the Nigeria version of brangelina. Then you guys will be Adwal, isn't that cute" she finished looking at both Mami and I with a wide grin on her face
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Chapter Eight
"It can't be" he murmured, his jaw clenched staring at me with his eyes cold filled with rage.Adam looked at him, then turn to look at me and said "Nawal are sure is here...." He said as he points at the floor "you might be mistaken".With a sly smile on my lips, gazing at Adam "Don't waste your breath Adam, am very sure about the order Ireceived"Turning my gaze to the prince, I brought out the paper that Umma Magajiya gave me, which had the offer and my signature on it, then her's by the side with her stamp boldly showing on it. "From today I am assign as the new stylist of the prince, with effect immediately".He gaze at me briefly then shift his eyes to the paper I extend in front of him. To my utter amazement he let out a sudden laugher as he place his hand on his forehead. I raised my brows in surprise, I thought the jerk will be furious.And what came out of his mouth further
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Chapter Nine
I stood in front of the main gate that'll take you to the palace. It's early Monday morning. Abba just drop me by, on his way to the shop.I look ahead staring at the building in front of me. Some part of me is nervous while the other part is excited. Just think about what lay ahead of me makes me a little bit nervous.Taking a deep breath, I close my eyes and whispers you can do this Nawal inside my head.Opening them I took my very first step towards my bright future inshaAllah I already got the heading on what my job is. The first thing to do is to check his schedule everyday to know all about his meeting so as to bring out an appropriate clothe for it.According to Umma Magajiya he doesn't know how to appropriately dress for the day.His main closet is in the door near his room where all his clothes are kept. All I have to do is pick t
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Chapter Ten
Sighing she said " I have to tell you right from the beginning..." She trails. "You see Umma Magajiya wasn't the first wife of the king. Nuwaira was...""Nuwaira?" I asked intrigued "Who is Nuwaira"."Fahad's mother" she addedas I open my mouth to a wordless "ooohhhh"."Our dad was supposed to marry Umma Magajiya. You know who her family are? sarkin yamma from Katsina. her family are not directly involved in the Emirates. They are kind of distance family, and our Dad said he never liked her, he was just doing it out of duty cause it was his Dad that wanted it, even his mother never liked Sadiya"."I think it was just a week remaining for the engagement, on his way to Abuja he meet Nuwaira on the plane, that's how he fall in love with her at first sight as he said"Just listening to the story makes me cringe. Is that even possible?
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