Chapter 65

Reporters walked in and settle down in Infront of the area; the award show was now converted into Vance personal conference hall.

"We have good news to share. I hope everyone can remain patient."

Vance faced the media. After sweeping his dark gaze across the hall, he finally spoke up, "Let me first give an official notification."

"There will be quite a few announcements at today's press conference, and the information may be quite overwhelming. You are bound to leave here with enough material to fill multiple headlines for days to come."

The reporters laughed, thinking that Vance was joking. But, their curiosity was triggered as they continued to listen intently.

"Firstly, regarding this special woman beside me, Let me officially introduce her to you all.

This is Purple Miller, only daughter of the great Antony and rose miller, and next in line to the Millers group."

Everyone in the country knows Antony Miller is was the kindness per
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