After 6 months

At Night

Warning - Mature content

Anirudh's p.o.v

" Just go from here, we don't want to talk with you. We hate you," Avni & Ishaan both said and shut the door on my face.

" Dear, just listen to me......" I tried to say but can not complete my sentence. I am banging on the door and telling them to open the door but they aren't listening to any of my words.

Recently, what has happened to them I don't know. They both ignore me and don't talk with me. Maybe they are upset because I didn't give them enough time. My children are angry with me. I have to earn their love and trust again.

Aradhiya is also not here. I don't know where she is. I have searched her in her father's room but she is also not here. Today I have given her the cha

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goodnovel comment avatar
I will say that in this part aradhiya is wrong Anirudh was aslo wrong in past but hi confessed his mistakes and he was really guilty But aradhiya proofed that she is a slut Shit I am feeling sorry for anirudh
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Kimmie Reynolds
Or the father of your children. Even though I would have done something like this but I would just stay single and be strong and take care of the children
goodnovel comment avatar
Kimmie Reynolds
The fact that she was giving him a chance but also kept telling him that she didn't love him should have been reality for him, he should have just been there for the kids and left her be from experience you never forget your rapist/abuser regardless if he is just someone you have been friends with

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