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"Why are you sorry right now? what do you want to prove? I asked him grabbing his collar. After torturing me beyond the level you are calling those things love!! Listen Mr Raghabhan, you are a sadistic psycho who found pleasure in my agony. So, don't call those things love. I won't forgive you ever. Just get lost from here. I don't even want to see your disgusting face," I said all this looking directly into his eyes. He tried to say something but I cut his sentence in the middle and again snapped," Remember one thing, I will never forgive you. I will be a shame in the name of woman if I forgive my rapist." Hearing me he was silent for a few moments and kneeled in front of me. I can see regret in his both eyes. He said joining his hand," Just forgive me for once". Seeing him I didn't even feel pity for him. I said anger dripping from my voice," If you ever considered me as a human than leave me in my condition and never come back." . . . Arunima is a single mother who is leading her life with her twin children. The nightmares from her past always bother her making her condition worse. On the other hand, Anirudh is leading his life with guilt for committing sins that he has committed in the past. Join Arunima and Anirudh's journey of vengeance, love, regret and be a part of their journey. Warning- Trigger warning scene ahead. Kindly read at your own risk. Underage readers aren't allowed to read it. English isn't my first language so forgive me for grammatical errors.

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user avatar
I love all of your stories author . please keep writing
2024-01-15 20:06:01
user avatar
ayesha sharma
I loved the story it was really amazing
2022-02-15 20:40:49
user avatar
16 MIZBA Gadkari
I genuinely fell for the characters I loved the story...
2022-02-13 03:39:06
user avatar
It was a roller coaster of emotions. I loved every single chapter of this story. Thank you author.
2021-08-25 22:28:31
user avatar
It's the third time I am reading this book. I love it. A must-read to the readers who like dark romance. ❤
2021-05-24 12:30:15
user avatar
sonia gill
loved it...
2021-04-07 04:20:49
user avatar
interesting book
2021-02-23 03:44:13
user avatar
RG Winrose Barbero Olimpo
very nice🙂🙂🙂
2021-02-11 18:25:54
user avatar
Theresa Brown
very excellent reading thank you very much
2021-02-07 09:17:14
user avatar
Jayne Lanham
Enjoyed it! Well written ❤️👍🏾
2021-01-13 13:51:47
user avatar
Marquita Brown
I will admit that I really enjoyed the book. Sometimes it's hard (and almost impossible) to forgive someone, but the story shows that actions speak louder than words; and genuine love always wins!
2021-01-11 09:50:31
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Jayjay Bautista
wish I could read more but need to wait to have a coins to continue reading it's a nice story but don't have the money to pay on any coins but I love the story
2020-12-30 12:27:45
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Sonya Scott
Amazing book.
2020-12-29 01:47:48
user avatar
i just love it , from his doll to here , im feeling very sorry for author , that trashy thief stole your works, but author don worry we will support you with our whole heart😊😊😊
2020-12-10 20:40:26
user avatar
Abenaa Sarpong
Wish it could be continue
2020-12-10 19:33:00
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73 Chapters
Arunima's p.o.v"Finish your milk right now or I will not give you any chocolate,"I told my 5-year-old daughter Avni who is still sitting on the chair without drinking milk." Ma(mother) I have already drunk a full glass of milk. Won't you give me chocolate " my son Ishaan asked me." Of course mera baccha(my dear). You are a good boy. Ma will give you chocolate" I said to my son giving a kiss on his chubby cheeks. He giggled seeing Avni's jealous face who is now angry because I am not kissing her.Well, Avni and Ishaan are my two precious kids. They both are 5 year old and also twins. These two munchkins are my world. They are the most precious gems in my life.About me? Well, I am Arunima Bhatt. A 25-year-old single mother who lives with her kids. I am working as a school teacher and living with my kids near the school area and that's all about my introduction.Today is Avni and Ishaan's first day at school. Both my kid
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Arunima's p.o.vI took Avni and Ishaan to school. They are very nervous and afraid as it is their first day at school.I told them not to worry and also said that after school I will take them to the park. Hearing it they are very happy and now a little bit relaxed.I reached school and went to the headmistress's room.I said, "Hello Mrs Khanna". Mrs Khanna is a charming woman in her late 40s. She smiled back to me and permitted me to come in.I really respect her. She is one of those persons who helped me when I was totally broken. She gave me this job. I am really grateful to her for her generosity. She told me to sit down and ordered one of the school teachers to take Avni and Ishaan to their class. When Avni and Ishaan left she asked me what I am thinking about Dhruv's proposal.I said taking a deep breath, "I am really sorry Lalita Ji. I can't accept his proposal. I am happy to be a single mother. I will
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Anirudh's p.o.vFinally, I have signed a deal with Mr Khanna. Khanna enterprise is one of our old friends.He is a very good friend of my father. He considers me as his son. I respect him a lot.Again I am drinking alcohol and also smoking.Mr Khanna came towards me and said worriedly, "Anirudh, I know that what happened to your family was very terrible. But why are you destroying yourself? You are almost 32.when you are going to marry?? Get married soon. Then you will find someone in your life who will care for you. And also give you a family."Listening to his words I am becoming more frustrated.I said with a pissed off tone," I respect you, Mr Khanna. But don't interfere in my personal life."Saying that I left the party and get into my car. My mood has become sour.I reached my mansion and entered into her room. I remembered all those tortures I had given her. Her screaming,  her begging is still rin
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Anirudh's p.o.vI wake up from my bed with a severe headache. Last night I drank too much and the alcohol's effect is still on me.I freshen up hurriedly and went downstairs of my mansion and noticed that breakfast is ready. I completed my breakfast and got ready for the office.Right now, I am sitting in my car when my driver told me that the road is blocked for some reason. So, we have to take another route.I ordered him to change the route. He obliged me and changed the route. He is driving on another road when he stopped the car because of the traffic. I looked outside through the window and recognise this place. It's her College road where I first saw her.Flashback(I am sitting inside my car and waiting for that traitor's daughter. I saw her picture with her details. She is beautiful. But I don't know why I wanted to see her in person.Suddenly, I noticed h
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Author's p.o.vA man in his late 50s sitting on a wheelchair and a 19-year-old boy are having their breakfast. Both are silent. Looking at their faces anyone can tell that they are father and son.Suddenly the boy called the man, "papa"? The man looked at him with questioning eyes.Boy-any news from Police?The man nodded his head in negative. Boy- They all are just useless.Man- They are trying!Boy- They are trying!!  My foot!! It's been 6 long years since we lost her. Did she just vanish in the air? Why they can't find her? Every day I miss her. I miss my di(sister)!! I miss her smiling face, papa!! I miss her.Saying all this he started crying.The man wiped his tears and hold his hand. He said affectionately," Arnav? Keep your belief in God! He will help us. I also miss her. Don't cry dear. We will find her.Arnav- When!!  Papa?? When we will find her??  I lost
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At Police StationSuraj Bhatt's p.o.vAfter Officer Shindey's call, I came to the police station to meet him. I am waiting for him sitting on my wheelchair at the waiting room.Then a constable came and informed me that officer Shindey is calling me. I entered into his room.I asked him," officer you had called me and said that you have something important to discuss with me??He took a deep breath and said," Mr Bhatt, I think we should stop searching for Aradhiya. It's been 6 long years since she is missing. We are not even sure that she is alive or not"Listening to him my anger rose up and a sudden fear came into my mind. Fear for losing my daughter forever.I replied angrily," if you can't find my daughter, then I will search for her.she is alive. I will find her."Officer Shindey sighed and said trying to make me understand," I understand your emotion, Mr Bhatt. But the reality i
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At schoolAuthor's p.o.vA lady entered the classroom. All the students stood up and greeted her. She also greeted them back.Then she asked the students, "So, do you know what is today??All the students nodded their head in negative.But, one student raised her hand. The teacher noticed her and said," yes Nuha, do you know what is today??"Nuha replied, "Today is father's day, miss"The teacher smiled at her and said," yes" today is father's day."The teacher said Nuha to sit down. Then she said," as today is Father's day, so you all have to write 5 sentences about your father. Let's see who finishes fast".All the students nodded their head and started writing.Avni and Ishaan are just sitting with open paper. What can they write!. They don't know anything about their father! They don't even know his name!The teacher noticed Avni and Ishaan. She realised that the
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Anirudh's p.o.vAfter Aman's discovery, I am becoming more desperate for Aradhiya. She can't run away from me. Without forgiving me she can't go.Right now I am in my mansion. I walked towards their room. I opened the door and enterd into the room.There are hanging a big picture of my loved ones. My dad, mom, my uncle and my sister. They are the most precious persons in my life.I looked at the picture and said hurtfully, "Dad, mom, uncle and di. you know what I am a failure in the name of son, in the name of a brother! I can't avenge you properly. I couldn't give you Justice. I have already killed that Russian bastard and his son. But I couldn't find that traitor who betrayed you. I thought that Suraj Bhatt was that traitor. But I was wrong all the time. Unknowingly, I have hurt all those innocent people. And in these Chaos aradhiya suffered the most. I am the reason for all her miseries"Saying all this I started cr
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Arunima's p.o.v"I am not Arunima Bhatt. My name is Aradhiya Bhatt" I said to the doctor and she told me to say further. She is listening to my every word very carefully.I started saying,  ( I was 19 years old then. I was in my college's 2nd year. One of my friends was getting married. After attending her marriage ceremony when I was returning to my home someone kidnapped me. I was near my house when a black car stopped in front of me. Then,4 or 5 well-built bodyguard type people came out from that car and forcefully shoved me inside that car. As I was struggling too much, One of them sprayed something on my face and I became unconscious. When I gained my conscious back I saw that I was in a dark room. I started screaming for help. Suddenly I heard a click sound and a man entered into the room. He... He raped me...He raped me.....)I couldn't continue saying anymore. I started screaming." please leave me..
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At schoolArunima's p.o.vAs Avni and Ishaan's English teacher wanted to meet me so I went to meet her. "Hello, Mrs Singh" you wanted to talk with me?  I am Avni and Ishaan's mother" I said to her.I am assuming that it must be something about my children's study."Oh, yes, Ms Arunima. I wanted to ask you something if you are comfortable with it." She said to me with a slight smile."Of course. Ask me. What do you want to know? I asked her." well, I want to ask you about Avni and Ishaan's father. Your children don't know anything about their father. When other children talk about their father, your children feel very uncomfortable. It may affect their innocent mind. So,  I want to ask where is your husband? Why your children don't know anything about their father?"She asked
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