3. Baker?

The week has passed by, the weather was the same, sometimes the cold wind blew along with the snow...other times the snowstorm covered the area.

People living in the city were habitual by now...the work goes on and on.

"Winter, prepare a latte for Mrs Willow...she might be here soon," Pidge said decorating the cake.

The door pushed open and the bell rang as a cold breeze immediately came in along with a woman.

Dressed in a skirt and blouse, the woman was wearing a navy blue coat, a warm scarf wrapped around her neck...dark shades covering her beautiful eyes.

Lia always makes fun of Mrs Willow wearing a skirt down with her upper body fully covered.

Maybe she doesn't feel cold on her lower body.

As soon as she removed her shades, she spoke, "Hello..." exhaling the frigid smoke out of her mouth.

"Good day, Mrs Willow. Please have a seat...your latte is ready..." Pidge smiled pouring the coffee in a cup.

The girls were behaving professionally...after all, the boss of the bakery was in front of them.

"Why is the bakery empty?" asked the woman making herself comfortable on the wooden chair.

"People comes and go, Mrs Willow," answered Lia.

"Okay, tell me about the sales..." she said looking at the cup of hot latte which was being put in front of her.

"Smells nice," she said when Rosina presented her the journal of the sales happened within a week.

Pidge mentioned her famous biscuits and offered it to the lady.

"Mrs Willow, can we close the bakery earlier tonight?" Lia asked hesitantly.

"Why?" the lady narrowed her brows as the cup of coffee touched her lips.

Taking a sip of the coffee she continued, "You know, weekends are happened to be the rise of the sales."

"More customers means more money," she added.

"But, Mrs Willow...we want to have dinner tonight."

"It's my birthday today," Lia made a long face as if she was hurt.

"If its a birthday then you can take a day off," the lady spoke right after a minute.

"All of us?" Winter asked in hope.

"All of you..." the lady gave a nod.

After finishing the work early, all of the four girls rushed at Rosina's place...she was the one who lived alone.

They selected dresses to wear.

Even with the cold, they decided to wear short dresses.

"I'm not wearing a dress," said Pidge clicking her tongue.

"Why not?" Winter asked narrowing her archy eyebrows.

"Because it's winters, Winter!" she responded.

"Its Winter's," Rosina casually spoke, her arm rested in the air.

"Okay, let's go to the separate rooms and come back after getting ready," Lia clapped her hands and they went to separate rooms.

After an hour or two they were finally ready to go.

All of them looked beautiful in dresses.

Pidge was wearing skinny jeans with a turtle neck in black and a cropped leather jacket.

The boots she was wearing enhanced the look. Her red hair tied in a half ponytail.

"Woah, girl. You know how to rock an outfit," Winter winked in her direction.

They booked a cab to the club where the atmosphere was just right...not too cold, not too hot.

The music flowed around the club and people danced with the rhythm.

The girls went to the bar to have drinks.

"I would like to have a cocktail," said Pidge.

Inside the club it was like dancing on the Northern Lights; beneath the dry-ice smoke swirled an array of blues, acid greens, hot pinks and gold. The music played over the dance floor as if had fused with the bodies.

"No way, girl. You are getting drunk tonight."

"Yea, no more cocktails, now."

"We have no one to answer. We can live our life."

All three of them said to Pidge who then agreed to have a drink.

The bartender poured the purple coloured wine in the glasses, as it swirled on the glass giving a very appealing look.

Some boys were watching the girls from a distance.

A smile came across their faces...

They strolled towards the girls, as they introduced themselves.

"Hey..." said a guy.

One of the guys was interested in Pidge as he went to talk to her.

"Hey, what is your name?"

"Too blunt, I would say..." Pidge took a sip of her drink.

"Allow me to buy you a drink..." his low chuckle was so hot.

"What do you do, by the way?" he asked gulping his drink instantly.

"I'm a baker..." she answered.

A baker? A beautiful girl like her can be a baker?

Too old fashioned...he would say.

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