Missing You

Yuna looked at the view from the window in her house and seemed to miss many things that she had always hated. Her gestational age has increased. Soon she would have given birth and there was no way her child would be able to meet his father. Yuna must accept and know that at this time there will be many things she will go through alone without Fero by her side and there will be no one she can talk to.

Sometimes the longing he has for Fero just makes his heart hurt so much. There were many things he had been going through all this time. He wouldn't know if he could keep going through this all on his own. He didn't know when it would all end. All the suffering he was going through.

More and more things he might not be able to decipher. Why did everything have to happen to him?

With all that. Finally, at this point what Yuna can do is try to be generous and accept everything on her own. He couldn't know when all his pain would end. But Yuna is sure, th
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June Chase
this chapter was very bad and confusing. names mixed up

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