Chapter 1803

They were just kidding when they said they didn't care about the salary.

At this moment, there were still four of them in their studio.

They were working as the front desk, finance, cash, technique, management, and HR.

They worked as several roles, but fortunately, they could manage at the moment.

When Monique had done with the business license, business and tax payment, and so on.

The internal test of the app had also been completed.

The busines had begun to advertise online.

"There are about 50,000 new users today."

For more than a billion people in the country, 50,000 was a very small number.

But for many other software, it was already a good result to have this data at the beginning.

This was all due to the operation of Jiang Jindong's online operations and Gu Zihang's hard work.

The small studio had begun to start, and the number of new users every day was increasing little by little.

But this speed was not what Monique wanted.

"Honey, how do you think we can open the
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