Chapter 1982

Gu Linbei and Su Chen were just so happy, but they made w Gu Shaohuan and Gu Zihang feel so worried.

They didn't even have time for lunch and had been busy buying.

However, the funds that could be used were quickly finished, so they had no choice but to stop.

It wasn't that the Gu family didn't have enough money.

The wealth accumulated by the Gu family in the past few lifetimes would not be unable to afford these stocks.

Not to mention that the stock loss was so much now.

However, most of the Gu family's funds were flowing in the project.

They could not be put into use as they wanted.

Gu Shaohuan had even used up all of his savings, but it was still useless.

It was too late to transfer funds now...

Was it really useless now?

Just as Gu Shaohuan and his nephew were in despair.

The Gu Group found that the decline of the Gu Group's stock gradually stopped.

"Mr. Gu, look, Mr. Gu! This man seems to be helping the company. The stock doesn’t drop anymore."

The leader of the team
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