Chapter 438

Angel asked surprisingly, “Why?”

As Aunt Louise had a carefree personality, she should have agreed. However, she rejected her without even giving it a thought.

With a kid like Angel calling her, should she not have intuitively asked about her mother?

However, she did not even mention her mother. It seemed like she knew her mother was not by her side.

Louise hesitated and said, “My house is too far away. It is not safe for a kid like you to come alone.”

It was indeed as she expected. Aunt Louise knew she was alone.

Did this mean Aunt Louise was now with her mother?

Angel frowned with her beautiful brows, twitched her little mouth and hung up the phone grievously.

The pretty secretary felt sorry for her and comforted her gently, “Don’t be sad, Angel. I’ll bring you to the playground. I will bring you to her when Aunt Louise comes, alright?”

Angel’s bright eyes turned dim. Her long lashes slightly fluttered. She shook her head, “I no longer wish to go. I want to go to the
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