Chapter 954

"This may disappoint Miss Gu. I just want to inform you that I will finish the dance at the Mid-Autumn Festival gala with Monique." Ling Jing smiled.

Gu Xiaoxiao frowned.

Her face darkened in the daytime.

Ling Jing was purposely making things difficult for her.

Gu Xiaoxiao narrowed her eyes and said, "You can do whatever you want." Then she turned around and left.

Back in the car, she directly swept everything in the front of the car to the floor.

She deliberately asked Xiao Fan to talk about Cinderella.

She wanted Monique to understand that she was not worthy of Brother Henry at all.

Even if her daughter was Brother Henry's daughter, one day she would be separated from him because of her status.

But she didn't expect to see what was going on today.

She was ready to compete with her to the end.

And the way she looked at her today was obviously different.

Did she know something?

At the Mid-Autumn Festival gala, it seemed a little impossible to make Monique make a fool of he
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