Chapter 1491

Under such circumstances, Louise would never give up the work of Marriott International easily.

After all, Marriott International's treatment was one of the best in City B.

"No. It's... it's Gu Linbei who asked me to be his assistant."

After saying that, Louise's face turned red unconsciously.

Monique was stunned and then laughed.

Gu Linbei was really fast. She had to tell him later.

Let Gu Linbei take good care of Louise and not bully them.

While Monique and Louise were chatting, Henry came in from outside the door.

"Chairman Moore."

"Chairman Moore."

Not long after everyone sat down, they got up and greeted Henry.


Little Nomi ran toward Henry.

Henry bent down and picked up Little Nomi with a smile.

"Are you done with your work?"

Monique looked over with a smile.

"Yes, I'll take you home."

Henry came over, holding Little Nomi with one hand and Monique's waist with the other.

The management staff watched the interaction between Monique and Henry with jealousy
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