Chapter 247

Jamie smiled and left the hall. Soon, he reached Kane’s office.

Kane was the heir of the Brookes in Niumhi, and he was also the biological son of the master of the Brookes.

He was a young man in his thirties. He was rather handsome, but he looked slightly pale and sickly. The Brookes had influence in both evil and righteous sides. Although they didn’t have much influence among the gangsters, nobody dared to offend them because of Liam.

However, they were not very well informed. During the past few days, Liam had become Tyson’s subordinate. The Brookes knew nothing of that.

“Uncle.” Jamie entered the office and said respectfully.

“Here you are.” Kane was playing with his female secretary's exquisite face at that moment. He smiled.

He treated his nephew rather kindly. It was because his nephew knew how to please him.

Kane valued a person like Jamie highly, since Jamie could even be quite cruel toward his own people.

At that moment, he gestured to his female secretary, ask
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Adreena Moody
exactly covey is the sub
goodnovel comment avatar
Damon Thorne
Correction, Liam was KILLED by Tyson Woods when Harvey told Tyson to get rid of Liam & video'd Liam's death

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