The Marvelous Elijah's Return

The Marvelous Elijah's Return

By:  Rever  Completed
Language: English
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With a divorce paper through at him, Elijah watched the woman he love walked away with another man. His father was right, this world is filled with hypocrites and devils in sheep's clothing, and he can never let his heart rule over his head, for a woman or anyone, and this lesson was coming true now. Revenge was the only thing Elijah was looking forward to. But revenge has no place for the weak, and it cannot be satisfied with anything lesser than perfection, and he knew that. Yet, just as he was starting his journey to great power and vengeance, a girl surface in his life, and when he looked in eyes, he saw...

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Elijah is a son of the wealthy but his account is blocked by his father when he chooses to marry Melina. He plays the role of a house husband in this marriage and decides to tell the truth on his birthday. When he prepares diverse delicious food and a delicate gift for Melina, Melina dates another man until midnight. Elijah thinks that love is the core of a marriage, while Melina, as a woman with a successful career, gradually loses passion for him and begins to despise him because he never goes out to work. Eventually, they divorce and Elijah returns home to manage the family cooperation. Of course, Elijah hates Melina for her betrayal in their marriage, so will he take revenge on her? Read The Marvelous Elijah's Return.

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Absolutely incredible book, you should feel proud ...
2024-03-29 19:30:46
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If you have read this author’s book before then you don’t need people’s comments to know what he or she can do you are amazing author thank you billion stars ...️
2023-09-02 17:40:41
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This is a GREAT story! I think Piki was Dan's 1st crush! 2nd story I've read with this Author Rever, EXCELLENT writing style! Now I need a new one, I hated this ended, but glad you don't drag your stories on forever.
2023-08-30 11:50:23
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Totally love this book. This is the second book I read written by Rever and I must say, I love your style if writing. Keep it up.
2023-08-09 06:47:38
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Diane Brown
2023-05-09 23:12:01
default avatar
wonderful story. kudos to the author
2023-01-24 18:48:30
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Maria Glenda Bicalas
worth of spending my precious time reading this book
2023-01-14 04:40:14
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Refer dose it again absolutely recommend this book good on you mate
2022-12-26 19:21:56
default avatar
Paula Rickett
It’s a very good book. Well worth the read…
2022-12-24 05:31:34
user avatar
Roger Langley
when is final chapters coming out? I am waiting to see the hayes get all locked up and then hung for their crimes!!!!!!!!!!
2022-11-06 23:49:23
user avatar
Patricia McBryde Smith
An arrest isn’t part of this books. Wrong story and it cost money to read it
2022-10-30 00:06:52
user avatar
Patricia McBryde Smith
4 more days before the book is finished. Last chapter’s please
2022-10-28 04:49:11
user avatar
Zenaida Gersana
I like it.
2022-10-22 11:13:57
user avatar
do you have a idea whats the other title of dis novel?let me know thanks
2022-10-19 18:49:10
default avatar
Quite a good book. The author does a good job of keeping everyone updated on holdups. (they have lives too people)
2022-10-12 08:38:52
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190 Chapters
Ungodly Hour
The sound of the tick and tock from the clock had Elijah's feet bouncing on the tiles of the dining room floors as he stared at his watch, a sense of nervousness creeping into his chest. It was Ten-thirty, and he had been staring at this same watch for hours now, still no sign of his wife.Even though it was like her to come home late, He didn't expect her to do so on their birthday since she knew how important today was to him.Looking away from his watch, Elijah sighed and glanced up, the clock showing Eleven pm. Then his gaze directed to the phone, lying on the table, in front of him."Will she not pick up again?" Elijah asked out loud, his voice low and soft.There was a brief pause before he reached for the phone, his fingers fumbling with it as he tried to dial Melina's number."The number you have called is currently unavailable..." A robotic female voice said on the other side of the line, causing Elijah to drop his head backward on the chair, a frown plastered on his face.
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A Million Bucks
After an hour's drive, the cab came to a stop in front of the villa, and Elijah paid the driver before getting out of the car.The way Melina had spoken angrily on the call made Elijah feel a sense of worry as the guard opened the front gate for him, and he sped his pace, hurrying toward the front door.The years they have been married have never been happy ones. He had hoped she would have grown up with better manners by now since she has always been rude to him and has never respected his decisions.But he loved her enough to try and understand why she was acting this way. The last time she had done such a thing, it was because he asked her out at one of the events her company was hosting, and she got mad, wanting to go alone and saying that the party was not something of his class. That night, she claimed Elijah needed to spend more time doing things at his level rather than trying to impress people like her family or some other business acquaintances. A situation like this was
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Divorce papers
Lying in bed, Elijah sighed heavily while running his fingers through his thick hair. His mood had drastically changed ever since his fight with Melina. He could feel the pain that throbbed inside him, and he hated it. To learn that his wife was into another man was devastating to Elijah, and no matter how hard he thought about their fight, he just didn't want to accept the fact that she was cheating on him."Damnit!!" Elijah groaned in frustration.Tired, he buried his face into his pillow, his fists tightly clenched while his mind replayed their conversation, wishing that he had told her about his identity earlier.Maybe that would have made Melina happy.If she knew who he truly was then she would still be loving him.But that didn't change the fact that it was painful and humiliating to be rejected by the woman he loved. And to know she had chosen another man because of his wealth.When Elijah first arrived in the country, as a foreigner, he was still new to everything, and one n
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Devils in sheep's clothing
Even after all that had happened between them, when Thursday arrived, two days after Melina threw a divorce paper at him to sign, Elijah was still in the house, hoping that this nightmare would eventually end between them.Seven o'clock met him in the kitchen, cooking breakfast, as usual, cracking an egg open and pouring the yolk into a pan to cook. As he stirred the scrambled eggs together, humming quietly to himself, he tried to not think about all the mean things his wife said to him and just tried to focus on the task at hand. When the eggs were ready, Elijah scooped them onto a plate, next to the bacon, sausages, and toast that he prepared beforehand.Then Elijah took the plate off the counter, set it on the tray beside a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and slowly raised the gold tray in his hand, walking carefully out of the kitchen into the dining room.Standing by the table, Elijah placed the tray on it before grabbing the fork and knife from the cutlery drawer, se
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Master Maxwell
"Good evening passengers. The flight from Syldavia to Bordoria is currently in the final stages of preparation for landing." The announcement boomed throughout the cabin. Closing his eyes, Elijah sighed and leaned back into the seat behind him as he nervously toyed with his wedding ring while it sunk in that he was now divorced and was finally meeting his parents after years of being away. There were a lot of emotions to process between getting betrayed by Melina and returning home. It was all too much to even try to figure out just how he was going to handle all of it. After the plane finally landed, the passengers got up to leave, and since Elijah had no baggage, he left first class and entered the terminal. With a cap on his head, Elijah kept his head down and his hands inside his trouser pocket, trying not to draw any attention to himself. The moment Elijah stepped out of the building, it took only a couple of seconds for him to hear, "Master Maxwell!" Stopping in his step
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No place for the weak
When they entered the study, Elijah turned around and shut the door behind him, walking towards his father and sitting on an expensive-looking leather chair.Both men sat in silence before Elijah finally spoke, asking, "What do you want to tell me?"Quietly, Mr. Maxwell stood from the couch, walked over to the desk and picked up the tv remote off it, holding it loosely in his hand, staring at the screen in a trance, and said, "Son, I know over the years we have not been as close as we should have been, but I am sorry. For everything. I'm sorry for not being there for you."Turning to look his son directly in the eye, Mr. Maxwell sighed heavily and admitted, "I have been too hard on you.""You were only making a man out of your son. A man that is capable of great deeds... a man that can lead, and a man that is respected and honorable. You did nothing wrong, father." Elijah replied, sighing as he rubbed the back of his neck.Huffing weakly, Mr. Maxwell sat on the couch, still staring
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The sunlight streamed into the room through the window as Elijah sat up in his bed and turned around to see who entered his room.As the morning rays fell onto his face, his eyes met with Butler James standing on the other side of the room."Good morning, master." Butler James said politely as he closed the door behind him quietly.Pushing the cover off him, Elijah slid out of bed, running his fingers through his hair as he asked, "What brings you here, Butler James?""Master, your mother wants me to inform you that breakfast is ready downstairs." Butler James informed."Okay, thanks. Just let her know that I'll meet her soon," Elijah replied, rubbing the sleepiness out of his face as he headed toward the bathroom, closing the door behind him.After brushing his teeth and washing his face, he took a comforting shower, trying to relax as he did so. Then he stepped out afterward, wrapped a towel around himself, and walked over to his closet, grabbing a simple Sweatshirt and a pair
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Seven robbers
Furrowing, Matt clenched his fist, looked at the driver as he opened the car door, and stepped out with a toolbox in his grip.The breakdown felt way too staged in his opinion, and it felt like this driver was intentionally making it look as though the car was having issues.With that thought on his mind, a few minutes later, Matt pushed the call door open and climbed out, slamming the door shut.Then he walked over to the driver, and the moment he saw Matt, he snapped his brows and shouted, "Hey!! Hey!!! Get back into the car.""Why?" Matt demanded, glaring at him, placing his hands on his hips."Just get back into the damn car!!""Whoa! What's with the sudden hostile attitude, huh?!" Concern, Elijah pushed the car door open, stepped his shoe on the road, and got out of the car, glaring at the man."Not you too!!" The driver shouted back at Elijah."Look, pal, I will soon be done with fixing this, so you two should get your ass back into the fucking car, okay?" Now, Ryan, Rookie, a
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To make them all pay
The security quickly took out their weapons and darted them towards Elijah, Matt, Rookie, James, and Ryan, shouting angrily, "Get in your trash, now!""We just want to book a suite and get some rest," Elijah said, raising both of his hands and smiling weakly. "I have money to pay for this place." A lousy laugh came from the security as he shook his head, he was a robust, balding guy with rough skin. "Oh sure, I bet you can afford to buy a whole hotel, right? You're probably loaded or something." He mocked, shaking his head again, his eyes scanning Elijah from top to bottom. "Wait, I know you! Hey, Mark, doesn't this guy look familiar?!"The only thought that came to Elijah's mind was that they knew him because he was Melina's ex-husband, the CEO of Investverse company, and he just knew this was going to get pretty ugly, pretty fast."Yeah!! Yes!! He's that loser that Miss Hayes dumped yesterday!!" The other security guy shouted, laughing hysterically. "His face was on all the news
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Just who she is
When the morning light hit Elijah's face, he blinked several times, disoriented by how tired he still was, then he yawned, stretched, and slowly rose to sit up while rubbing his eyes.Suddenly, the sound of a knock made Elijah frown, pushing the covers off his body and sliding out of bed, his bare feet hitting the floor lightly as he stood up.Scratching his bare chest, Elijah walked over to the wooden door, and when he opened it, Peach's eyes widened at the sight of his naked torso and black boxer, she immediately took a step back, muttering, "Sorry, I - I will come back later." When she turned to leave, Elijah frowned and asked, "You're already here, so say it. What do you want?!"Hearing the sharpness in his voice, Peach instantly stopped in her steps, not turning around to look at him, and mumbled, "Umm... your friends... Well, breakfast is ready downstairs... And they wouldn't eat without you." "Tell them that I will be there in a minute," Elijah replied before slamming the doo
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