Chapter 410

“Could it be that Master Zane was going to kneel?”

At this moment, many people around began to heckle.

This circle was certainly not united, and there were more internal intrigues and rivalries.

This party tonight was organized by Wendy Sorrell. Many single and rich second generations wanted to use this opportunity to impress her.

At this moment, Tyler was making trouble and might annoy the organizer, Wendy. Would this not make everyone have more opportunities?

Tyler felt that he was being put on the spot facing the boisterous crowd.

Tyler initially wanted to avoid this scene. After all, Wendy was the main character tonight. If he caused any trouble at this time, it meant not giving her face.

Furthermore, Wendy was now an executive of York Enterprise.

Recently, rumors were stating that she might replace Yvonne Xavier as the secretary of the mysterious new CEO. If that was the case, she would be the second most powerful person in York Enterprise.

Who dared to offend her at this
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