Chapter 3393

Next, Wren Garcia walked to the side of the bed and revealed a silver needle behind her finger.

“You people like acupuncture, don’t you?” she said while looking at Mandy Zimmer calmly.

“I’ll make sure to turn you into a disabled person today.

“I suggest you don’t resist. Just watch as I slowly do my job.

“If I get into a foul mood, I might just lose control and kill you.

“Don’t blame me when that happens.”

Wren flicked her needle before pushing it into Mandy so she could deal with Harvey York later.


But at this moment, a firearm poked out from underneath the bed and pulled the trigger on Wren’s stomach.


“You b*stard!”

Wren screamed in pain. She was immediately sent flying by the force of the firearm.

At this moment, she was filled with pain and disbelief.

She never expected a gunner would be hiding under Mandy’s bed.

The person was also terribly decisive. The trigger was pulled without wasting a second longer.

Wren had no other choice but to cover her wound
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