Chapter 3436

A few students wanted to stop the fight before they saw Mrs. Lee’s wretched expression on her face. They had no other choice than to watch Xynthia Zimmer being tortured.

“You little b*tch! My daughter must’ve bought all these for you, right?!

“You take everything from my daughter, yet you’re still trying to kill her out of jealousy?!

“People like you deserve to die!”

Mrs. Lee was getting tired after slapping Xynthia a dozen more times. She snatched Xynthia’s Hermes handbag with a cold look after that.

She thought that a person like Xynthia did not deserve such a thing.

The handbag would cost a few thousand dollars just for the shipping!

Mrs. Lee believed that Xynthia probably got this from Larisa Lee.

She became a lot more furious after that.

She took everything out of Xynthia’s handbag and tossed it to the people passing by.

“This laptop’s yours now!

“Here’s a wallet!

“I’m doing a favor for this b*tch!”

Mrs. Lee gave everything Xynthia had before keeping the Hermes handba
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