Chapter 733

“I’ve severely underestimated this insolent child this time!

“I thought that he’d lose all of the prestige that he had gotten after retiring from the military!

“I didn’t think that he’d have connections like this!

“But things like favors get used up sooner or later.

“Since we can’t fight back for now, let’s just wait for his so-called Sky Corporation to completely collapse…

“I’ve allowed Stephen to have full control over this matter with the help of four first-class families. If he does not succeed, I’ll have a talk with him!”

Melissa Leo was as frigid as ice, she had naturally made her preparations when she had left Buckwood.

Quinton York frowned and said, “But…”

“Quinton, you like chess. So, you must know about this.

“Life is like chess. We’ve given up on the battle so we can win the war!

“You still have more important things to do in Hong Kong. Leave South Light to Stephen!”


Quinton would not dare to refute.

When they all walked out, a crowd of people was kne
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