Chapter 935

Harvey was now certain of Halsey’s personality.

He was indifferent at that moment, so he casually threw the money into the car’s armrest box.

Halsey could not help but show a hint of disdain in her eyes after seeing that.

She thought that she had judged Harvey correctly.

She thought that the filth felt like he could get more money from her, which was why he was being attentive while having no other reason to do so!

How could a man like this possibly be a good fit for Mandy Zimmer?

Harvey did not forget to playfully tease Halsey and asked, “Are you here for business? Is it going smoothly? Don’t forget about me when you get rich!”

Halsey rolled her eyes after hearing his nonchalant question.

“Do you know what this place is?”

“Isn’t it written on the building? It’s the San Francisco branch of Sky Corporation,” Harvey replied.

“It’s a good thing that you know, because you should. After integrating all of the Yorks’ assets, this company is now the top corporation in all of South L
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