Chapter 1230

In the outskirts of Buckwood.

In a warehouse, full of waste…

Mandy and her secretary were tied up in a corner.

Halfway to Regency Enterprise this morning, they were stopped. They were still clueless as to what was going on.

The men Tyson had arranged to protect them were quietly taken care of. Thus, even Tyson had yet to receive word of what had happened.

Outside the warehouse, a blond man sat. A cold aura radiated from him; he looked like a veteran soldier who had been on the battlefield.

He sipped some vodka, occasionally turning to look at Mandy and her secretary.

"These two ladies aren’t bad. It’s a shame I can’t touch them now. Otherwise, it’d be so much fun!” He lamented.

Butler Yates was his superior. Before that man, he dared not mess around.

When Mandy heard his words, she was relieved.

She didn’t know what was happening, but there was still hope as long as these men didn’t touch her or her secretary.

Meanwhile, a few more blond men entered from the door.

They sta
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