Whiskey on the Rocks.

"Make me a drink." He says not even sparing her a glance. No apologies are going to be made as usual and she’s going to forgive him even though he didn't ask for it. Without a word she walks to the side bar in the suite and starts making his go to drink. It's whiskey on the rocks, a memory pops up in her head of him wanting her to try it, when she did it made her throat burn, like he makes her heart burn. She walks to him and stands in front of him with the drink. He takes it from her hand without looking at her. She keeps on standing in front of him as if she is dazed. "Get on your knees." He says while taking a sip of the drink. She does as told and kneels down in front of him, with her hands resting behind her back. Alex finally looks at her and he stares at her for while, with an expressionless face. She is feeling happy after all this time; this is what she needs to feel happy. "Take the hoodie's cap off." He says taking another long sip of the drink. She pushes the black hoodie’s cap off her head, revealing her bruised cheek; it has shades of blues and purples imprinted on it.

"Did it hurt?" He says rubbing her cheek harshly. A hiss comes out of her mouth and she slowly looks up at him and stares at him for a while and slowly looks down as a tear threatens to spill from her eyes. "Y—yes it did." The words come out of her with difficulty, as she is trying to hold in a cry. "Remember when your father used to hit you?” He asks chuckling, it's like he's sprinkling salt on her wounds that are dug deep inside her heart. "Remember when I saved you? You owe me right?" He says making her look at him. She looks at him and let her tears fall as she can't hold them back anymore. She shakes her head like an obedient dog; yes he did help her escape from her abusive father. Her father was one of the security guards of his corporation office; well not his to be exact, his father’s. One day when her father was too drunk and was violently hitting her, she had no other choice but to run and ask for help from the boss. But little did she know, that day Mr. Alexander Anderson won’t be in office and in his exchange his son, Alex would be there to welcome her. He did save her from her father but instead took his place in her life to fulfill his needs and desires.

"I don't hit as hard as he does right doll?" He asks smirking. "No you don't." She replies trying to smile at him. He doesn’t hurt her that often but his words kill her a thousand times. They make her feel so little; they make her feel like she is a no body. "Daddy only hurts you when you act naughty right doll? When you don't follow his rules." He whispers caressing her cheeks softly. "Yes." She breathes out closing her eyes. A knot starts building up in the pit of her stomach, it feels good to have his touch after such a long time; well not a long time, but it sure does feel like a long time to her. "Yes what doll?" He rubs circles on her cheek with his thumb. "Yes daddy." She parts my lips, melting to his touch. "You won't disobey me anymore would you doll?" He asks sitting straight, taking his hand away. A soft whine comes out of her mouth feeling his touch being taken away from her. She opens her eyes and stares at him with half closed eyes, she is breathing really heavily. “I won't daddy." She quickly replies, looking at straight into his eyes trying to calm her breathing. “I know you won't doll." He says and grabs her face harshly and pulls her to him and kisses her hard.

The kiss ignites a flame within her soul; it feels like his touch is a sin which she is ready to do over and over without even asking for forgiveness. His soft lips starts ruining hers, he bites and licks her lips harshly. She instantly parts her lips knowing too well what he wants; she gives in to him and lets him enter his tongue in her mouth. He slides in and starts taking over her, the feeling of his dominance makes a shiver run down her spine. Lewd moans starts coming out of her mouth, when she feels his hands slide in her pants and his fingers graze the bundle of nerves. The power he has over her is scary, she fears him at the same time wants him to ruin her.

Now, there’s only one thing that she wants; that is him and only him. He pulls away from the kiss and licks his lips staring at me with dark brown eyes. His eyes look full of mystery; they look so deep, she just wants to dive in them and get lost forever. She stares at him breathlessly trying to catch her breath. He takes his thumb and rubs her lower lip, wiping away the string of saliva that was connecting both their lips. "Stand up." He says and stands up in front of her, towering her. Without wasting anytime she stands up and gnaws on her bottom lip. She stands silently as she watches him take off his suit jacket and roll his sleeves up. He takes off his tie and wraps it around his hand and takes her towards the big pillars of the bed. He makes her face away from and he ties her body to one of the pillars tightly with it. She stares ahead, excited to what is coming next. Her heart stops, when he hears him unzip his pants and hear jiggling noises of his belt's buckle.

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