Ending Song.

The television on the background keeps her connected to reality. Tears from her eyes keeps on falling while she brushes her long hair, things she once loved to do is making her nausea now. Getting ready exactly how he liked was her favorite thing to do. Now all she wants is to end this; end this for eternity and free both her and Ryan.

“Business tycoon Alex Anderson got in a car collision in 56th Avenue. The car was severely damaged and so was he.” The new reporter reads the hot news which causes Rosie to look back at the tv. She drops the comb from her hand and runs towards the tv and falls on the knees in front of it and starts reading the news flash. Tears starts trickling down her cheeks realizing how severe the car crash was. She quickly wipes her tears off and gets up on her feet, she grabs a trench coat from her closet and takes her cell phone and runs out of the apartment. She grabs a taxi and tells him to drive to the city hospital

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