Chapter 21

Tears swelled in Audrey’s eyes as she watched the nurse walking toward her bed with the baby in her arms. Her baby! The pain and worries she had in mind seemed to disappear while looking at the little angel whom she birthed to.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better now. Here’s your baby,” the nurse said with a wide smile on her face, sharing the joy with Audrey for having the chance to look at the precious life she was born just recently. “He’s so cute. Albeit he’ll grow up to be a charismatic man,” the nurse complimented as she successfully handed the infant into Audrey’s arms.

“Yes,” Audrey agreed, letting the baby’s tiny hands hold her finger. “Yes. He’s my baby, can you believe it? I’m a mother now,” she mumbled in tears. Despite the warm tears streaming down her face, Audrey’s mind was clear. For a moment, she didn’t want to think about anything else in the world but her baby.

“Congratulations,” the nurse said. Her smile never faded. “Did you think of a name?”

Nodding her head, Audrey
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Dominique T Bast
kinda of sad there was only a sentence mention what shane has done
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Lynn Jones Carrington
Excellent Book. Thank you so much for writing again. I missed this book

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