Monsters Among Us
Monsters Among Us
Author: Kensei

Chapter 1: The Storms

During the dark ages, there was talk of supernatural creatures that went bump in the night and no one would ever believe the rumors. They would say that it was religious fanatics spitting out dogma forcing men and women to convert to their religion by scaring them with tales of monsters. Others claimed that it was impossible that none of this was real, that their simply no way that monster could be real.

That was till the killings started to happen then no one questioned it ever again and for years people were dying at the hands of witches, wolves, vampires, and so many other creatures. A wave of supernatural violence spread not just through ancient Europe but all around the world. There was thought to never be an end to the ritual like slaughters of humans all around the world until one man stepped up to the plate.

Edwin Storm the famous monster hunter appeared from the shadows no one knew his true origins for they were not the makings of a great love story turned tragic, or a boy that dreamed of one way begin a hero. It was a bloody pain-filled origin that was sowed with a seeds of great pain and anguish.   When he was a child at the start of the waves of violence his family was one of the first to fall to a murderous witch.

He was hidden in the closet watching everything that was going on, he thought that he was safe until the witch fell upon him, cold dark soulless eyes locked on the young boy as she placed a hex on him, taunting him with a thick crackling voice echoed loudly in the air.

“You watched them die now walk through life watching the true faces of the monster that walk among you and be forced to do nothing.” That witch hexed him so every generation there would be once forced to withstand the pain of others for centuries.  But as the wave died down the rumor of the monster hunter faded away to black as If they never existed, to begin with.

A story that monsters told their children to keep them in line, but what happens when that monster rears its fangs against humanity and a shadow slips from the darkness and kills them. What happens when the things that go bump in the night are the ones that are hunted down? A vengeance begins to stir a war and begins to bubble just underneath the surface.

Monsters and humans alike fell into a soft lull, as if all was truly right in the world but a shock to the system would one day bring a resurgence of monster violence and they are going to need heroes to protect them from the monsters among them.

October 31, 2017

The sun was slowly starting to crawl across the horizon as the bright ball of orange and gold light gave off its last whips of warmth. The bright azure sky turned a deep golden orange as splashes of pink and twilight purple crept from the lowering sun echoing outwards against the rest of the sky. The clouds turned a golden color as if they were clouds descended from the heavens.

The warmth and fleeting but the chilling night winds were here to stay; they darted through the thick black hair of Jake Storm. All-day he felt off. He did not know if his second year of middle school was beginning to stress him out and was finally getting to him or if it was something else. Everywhere he looked things were not what they seemed. He would look to some of his neighbors that he had known his whole life and gaze upon their faces and see someone else entirely. He was not even sure what to make of them.

After all, their faces would contort into hideous images of monsters and beasts that had an otherworldly air about them. But that only ever lasted a few moments that it would fade away but not it seemed more constant and taunting. The minute that the sun started to lower he would look upon his friends and classmates and could not figure out if they were wearing costumes or if they were truly beast from the deepest pits of hell.

Indecision ate away at his mind forcing his heart to race as he struggled to understand what was going on and why it was going on. His body was tense from the beginning, so vigilant. He was not even really sure if he was awake or tripping on some bad drugs, he had taken them for the first time last night at a high school party.

Jake had blue eyes that could make a girl melt, skin so tan it was as if he were kissed by the sun and jet-black hair that looked like a thick current of rain. He has a strong jawline and is one of the best-looking kids in the school hence why he was able to get into high school parties.

His twin brother on the other hand was not the same, not really, they were identical in a lot of ways but their personality. Jake was only older than his twin Max by a few minutes 11 to be exact and he still could not understand why they were so different. Today was their birthday and while Jake wanted a party, Max wanted to go trick or treating it was just not normal to him but not as strange as his father had been.

Ethan Storm had been the hunter of his generation, monster activity started to grow more frequent and violent in the past years that Ethan had been a hunter and now he knew more than ever that it was a great honor and an even greater burden to be a hunter. There were just some things that no one could be ready for.

Ethan had been paying more attention to his sons in the past days and Jake had noticed. He would catch his father looking at him with cold critical eyes that were scanning every inch of him as if he expected his face to morph like the children and adults around Jake.

It was starting to get more than he could bear and yet he knew that it was for his own safety there was something heavy and ominous hanging in the air and with Halloween, it seemed like the vale that kept the supernatural from reality began to split. Jake was walking aimlessly, he thought that he was walking home but his mind was not up to date with his body’s will.

There was a rustling wind that ran through the trees and forced the orange leaves long forgotten in the middle of the road and on the soft gray concrete to begin to whip up into small little tornadoes. The moon began to grow a bit brighter as it peaked out past the horizon that was lit up that same purple and pink hanging there a few moments longer than Jake would have thought.

His mind began to slow as he noticed that he was walking through an empty parking lot. At first, it seemed as if something was pulling him in this direction. He did not know what, but he could hear the heavy panting of a woman. The thunderous slaps of shoes against the concrete as they ran for their life and terror-filled screams that shook him from his scattered thoughts and forced dangerous ripples to run through the once still air.

Jake’s senses began to wake up and his mind went to work trying to figure out the cause of the screaming, his body tensing as his fist instantly began to bound up as if he knew that this would come down to a fistfight. But he was kicking himself for allowing himself to get in this situation so far from home with the sun lowering.

His eyes scanned the darkened parking lot that did not have a single car, but he could hear those constant thumping sounds of shoes against the pavement. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

It was a taunting sound that only seemed to grow louder his eyes were straining to see through the ever-growing and changing darkness. It was growing dark faster to thick and heavy for him to see clearly. To think that it was only 4 pm, Jake knew with fall and winter approaching they would be getting less and less sunlight and that worried him greatly. He did not know why he never believed in monsters and ghouls but now lost in the dark with that pounding echoing in his ears.

BOOM! BOOM!! BOOM!!!  Shoes beating against the pavement as Jake twirled in a 360 motion struggling to see what was going on when something slammed hard into his right shoulder forcing him to tumble to the ground as he struggled to keep his eyes open.  Their heavyweight that hit against him pinned him to the ground, hands as cold as ice were locking his arms above his head while heavy knees that felt like cold weights slammed against his body.

Confusion echoed deepening in his chest, he thought that he would feel the cold stilling sensation of fear but he felt utterly calm even as the scent of death wafted into his nose assaulting his senses he felt calm almost at peace even.

Finally, his eyes would open and what he saw forced his heart to thunder but no panic flooded his mind, instead, there was just a girl with dark soulless eyes that had a stranger hunger to them that didn't sit well with the young boy. The scent of death was coming on her icy breath that forced goosebumps to form around the boy's skin, but he was still calm.

A small voice in the back of his mind told him that all was going to be calm, his face shifted from the black soulless eyes of a monster to a sweet and bubbly blond hair girl. He knew that his mind was not playing tricks on him, not anymore what he saw was really happening and he could not let it. His bag had fallen off his shoulder and clattered to the ground, his face was blank, and calm as animistic hissing filled the air.

Jake’s fingers went to his backpack moving slowly and sure as he felt the smooth feeling of a baseball bat from practice. The glimmering white fangs screamed vampire and Jake knew that the wooden bat would have been the best choice for him.

The vampire so consumed with the hunger that was plaguing her mind that she did not notice that there was a bat until it came crashing down on her head. The sickening crunch of a human skull filled Jakes's ears, but he knew that the beast before him was anything else than human. He looked down at one of his favorite bats and slammed it against his knee until the wood splinter and his thigh burned something fierce.

Though now was not the time to worry about that, his body moved as if it knew what it was doing even though his mind was calm in a sea of madness and magic. He wanted to scream that Vampires are not real so they wouldn't be attacking him right now but instead, he took the wooden splintered bat gripping tightly to the grip he slammed the bat into the young female vampire’s chest.

A wet hit filled the air as copper liquid spilled from her body, high pitched screeches let her lips as well as wet hisses. A dangerous power bubbled in the vampire’s chest until it exploded upwards as fire consumed her body.

“You did well Jacob.” A husky voice filled the air.

As Jake watched the body burn his head snapped up and that stealing calm had left his body and panic ensued. He shifted his stare from the vampire to a lean yet man with deep sparkling cobalt blue eyes and raven black hair. He had the same strong and sharp jawline as Jake with rugged good looks and a black five o’clock shadow that shaped his jaws. Hanging around his neck a golden badge that said, Detective.

“Dad? What the fuck is that? What the fuck were you doing just watching? What the fuck is going on?” Jake cursed like a sailor as his mind snapped back to the reality of what just happened.

His hands were shaking as he shoved them deep in his pockets, he did not want his father to see how terrified he was that he nearly died. His father simply gave him a dark and amused chuckle as he looked over to the burning vampire watching as her body turned to soup and righteous flames consumed her.

He kicked her body to make sure that she was not simply playing dead. The man was dressed in his usual fashion, a blue V-neck with a black leather duster jacket and blue jeans. But he had a crossbow on his back and a sword on his hip that might have been thought to be a Halloween costume to those that did not know better.

“Come one we should move the body back into the forest once the flames die down that is.” Ethan Storm spoke in such a matter of fact voice.

It infuriated Jake as he looked ready to screech at the older man, “What the hell is going on dad?” He questioned and his father knew that it would be a long story and he would have to repeat it more than a few times to let it sink in.

But finally, there was a new hunter to take over just when they would be needed most. There was a monster lurking in the shadows no longer content to watch the human’s rule over what should be there. But do all monsters do monstrous things only time would tell who could be trusted in this new world that Jake was thrust into?

“You’re a hunter, you are a storm” Ethan spoke as if it was obvious, he knew that it was going to be a long night for them both.

The constant sound of a dragging body filled their ears as Jake's voice did its back to drown out the sound as he fought the urge to gag at the scent of burnt flesh. There was not much left of the vampire, but Ethan knew that the Vampires did not always burn up all the way.

“So, you’re saying that every man in our family all at varying ages becomes a hunter and they take one look at a person and know if they are a witch, vampire, goblin, or werewolf?” Jake questioned with doubt oozing in each word that he spoke

Ethan had to fight the urge to roll his eyes like he was annoyed with this line of questioning, but he simply nodded his head as he looked at his son. Pride glimmering in his eyes as if the warmth of pride and love for his son would light up the dark forest around them. The heavy scent of soil-filled their eyes as Jake nodded his head.

“There are many other things but those are the veggies and the most important, especially Ware-Wolve they are not to be trusted.” A sneer and murderous hatred flooded Jake's father.

He knew that there was a story here but at the moment he couldn’t care about that he wanted to rest and they couldn’t do that until he hid this dead body he thought he never thought that he was going to say that yet here he was.

He could only imagine what was going to happen in the years leading up to his training, would he save the world like so many Storms before him or would he die a failure.

September of 2020

It had been four long years since that day and not a minute did not go by that Jake didn’t obsess over the world that he was forced into. His father was right the minute that he realized who he was, it was like a homing beacon was shining on the spot of their little nowhere town in the middle of California. Vampires, witches, even a few goblins but Jake had yet to see a werewolf.

His father insisted that was a good thing but Jake didn’t know, he never heard of Were-wolves ripping people apart or committing wholesale slaughter. It made him think that maybe there was a monstrous creature that was a good guy. At least that was what he had left to ponder as he sulked in the plastic seat of his high school.

   “I cannot believe that I got stuck in Sunday detention when the football captain hit me first, but then again that is the story of my life. That guy always starts the fights, but I am the one that always ends up in detention. Can I leave yet it's been like three hours since the whole thing was started?” Jake all but whined in outrage.

He had only come here because there had been a murder, not a few days ago that screamed vampire all the blood had been drained from the young girls’ bodies. But there were strange hairs on the bodies that screamed Werewolf. His father was torn on what he thought that it could be, and Jake had to admit that he was no sure. Though he did not get much time to investigate seeing as how he was forced into a fight with a bumbling fool.

“Yes, you may go, but for future reference, Jake Storm tries not to hit the football captain hours before the football game” The man with thick-rimmed glasses and a receding hairline gave Jake a deadpan stare.

  “Yes, sir” Jake spoke in a mocking tone giving him a salute before marching out of the room.

Though the moment that he did his mind went to the bodies that were found in the gym a week ago, the vampire attacks had gotten more frequent. It made Jake think that there was a nest resting somewhere but he was not so sure about what he should be doing next.

As Jake was walking out of the hallway, he heard some strange sounds coming out of what seemed to be a locker the gleaming metal greeted him once more something else had ripped him from pondering his thoughts much longer. But when he open the locker boiling white-hot rage flooded his chest as he notices his twin brother Max. Jake could never understand why his brother always got shoved in a locker even though he looked just as good.

“Dude, what are you doing here on a Sunday because we both know you are way too much of a goody goody to get detention, so what happened, and how did you get in the locker,” Jake said chuckling.

Though Jake did well to hide the fury that had bubbled in his chest, he hated that people thought that they could mess with his brother, nerd or not he wouldn’t let this keep happening to his brother he was not like him. He could not fight let alone defend himself to a passable level. Attacking him was easy but then Jake would have to attack them to make sure everyone knew that he was not to be messed with and he just did not have time for that today.

“If you must know there is this new kid his name is Connor he got arrested by dad after registering with the school. When dad told me to show Connor where the car was, he shoved me into a locker and kept it moving” Max said as he was cracking his bones.

That was more than Jake could take; he was a bit of a hot head long before he found out that he was a badass gun-wielding monster hunter. Once he knew it was like he was searching for fights waiting to see if any of the people that picked on his brothers were monsters, so he had an excuse to waste them. 

“Well then let us go fuck this dude up no one is going to mess with my little brother and get away with it. Where does he live?” Jake was no longer trying to hide back a laugh; he was pissed and ready for a fight.

“I don't know, but it is better if you don't Connor is really big to let's just head home okay” Max was pleading with Jake not to go fight and Jake saw this so he dropped it and walked home.

Though every fiber in his muscles was screaming to find this boy for a new reason, if he was new to the town then he might have been the ones that had killed those young girls. Was that why his father wanted to arrest him? So that he could take him into the forest and make him disappear the same way that they had done with so many monsters before.

When the boys got home their mom rushed into them in the opposite directions insisting that they meet the new neighbors but when Jake turns to look at the neighbors it was no one out there but a young girl that looked to be their age. There was something captivating and dangerous about the air that did not sit right with jake. Something was amiss.

They ran into a girl with hair as black as the midnight sky and eyes as blue as the Aegean Sea but her skin was a dark caramel color almost a copper color that made Jake think she was either black or native American. She had a great set of double DD boobs and a butt that said, “I work out”.

Jake and Max could not look away, they were so memorized they didn't even notice that she was walking right towards them. The air around her was thick with lust making the boys' brains go haywire, Jake could not think right and even if he could he was not seeing, not like a hunter like him should have been seeing. 

“Hey, my name is Glory it’s nice to meet you, you must live next door, right?” Glory spoke in a warm cordial voice.

The boys, however, did not have anything to say, but when they did Max told her that she was prettier than any goddess in the world. She just laughed and then looked at Jake who did a half-smirk and told her that he couldn't think of anything more beautiful and then leaned in for a kiss, but that was when a car door slammed and they snapped out of it. The haze that had been burning through his body was gone and he could think straight.

He thought that she might be a witch of some kind but when he peered upon her face she didn’t twist into a woman with warts and snaggle teeth and she didn’t have this aura around her she was just a sweet girl that seemed to give off a strange quality that enslaved men near her.

“Hey Connor, it’s about time that you got home. Dad wants you to help me unload the truck since everyone else is too busy and why are you getting out of a cop car.” Glory was warm and bubbly, but her brother had the look of a man ready to murder someone.

Connor walked up and stood right in front of her and looked at Jake with his fist balled up. “What the hell are you doing in my sister, what makes a loser like you think you can talk to a girl like her”

Jake looked over to his brother making sure that this was the right Connor before getting an idea, at times when a monster's rage was up their mask would slip away and Jake would be able to get a better look at what they really are.  This way he would be able to know if this was the boy that killed those girls and if not, he still got to beat up someone that made Max upset.

Jake puts that award-winning half-smirk and said, “I'm going to do lots of things to your sister and by the time I'm done she is going to be begging me not to stop.”

That’s when Connor lost it and before Jake knew it he felt a cold chill go up to his spine as he saw the fist come flying at him, he found it hard to believe that he couldn't move so he closed his eyes. But then after a minute or two, he didn't feel the impact of the punch that's when he opened his eyes, he saw a man with blond cropped hair, and golden eyes and skin paler than the color of any normal person. But the real thing that surprised Jake was that this man was not as big as Connor but was able to stop a punch that could have given any old man a heart attack.

His face remained the same both his and his son; it made Jake think that he had gotten them all wrong, that they were only normal kids. With bad tempers and a strange air about them.

“What do you think you are doing Connor? It is bad enough that you got arrested the first day we got here, but now you are about to punch the cops' kid. And before you say it, I don't care what he said about your sister that gives you no right to hit the kid.” The man berated Connor with venom oozing in his voice.

Jake looked at Connor, he could see that Connor was shaking from anger. That is when this unnamed man looked at Jake for a moment and then back at Connor said, “you will say sorry to this boy and then help your sister unpack the truck.”

That was when the other car door slammed shut and the man inside was Jake and Max’s dad Ethan, “you’re the father that I spoke to on the phone with, Hale right?” Ethan said

“ Please call me Pete and I'm so sorry for my son's behavior and for starting a fight with your son please come right this way” With that note, the two of them walked into the house and the voice started to turn into mumbles.

Connor glared at Jake for a couple of minutes the loathing and hate that filled his deep blue eyes forced Jake to shudder, but Glory stepped in, “Connor come on just say you're sorry you know that he was goading you into a fight so let it go and come help me I have been trying to get the flat screen out for an hour. Come with me please”

She looked at her brother with those blue puppy dogs’ eyes and it melted his heart enough to look at Jake and say sorry. Connor headed to the truck and was about to take the tv out when Glory walked up to him and stared at him for a minute or two and then at the car Connor had just arrived in.

“What are you staring at G” Connor spoke as if the tv was not a strain on his muscle and Jake and Max were not even there.

“What did you get arrested for Con.” Her voice oozed childlike confusion but her body oozed sex appeal, Jake was not sure how he should take her.

But one thing was for sure there was something strange about this family.

“I hit a cop, but he pulled me out of my car and bashed my hand in with his stupid baton so technically it was self-defense. It shouldn’t be a big deal, it's only a black eye it will heal in time” Connor said as if that justified it.

“Con you know that you can't do that plus just because your pist doesn't mean that you can hit that kid, and I wouldn't have let him kiss me, I do have a boyfriend after all,” She said failing to hide back the satisfaction in seeing men fight over her.

That is when Jake snapped out of his panic and fear. He looked at Connor and thought I could never have won the fight anyway. He had an athletic build, strong biceps, a handsome face, and these gray eyes that looked almost green, plus his broad shoulders and his height made him impossible to beat. So, Jake walked straight up to Connor.

“ Hey man I'm sorry I just got pissed when you shoved my brother in a locker and I thought that if you started the fight and I won then it would be nobody's fault but yours for starting it. I have a girlfriend anyway, so I wouldn't kiss your sister.” Jake spoke in a cheerful voice

Watching every inch of his face but still, there was no change in the air that these two gave off as there was no way that they were human. Jake thought that his eyes might have been broken and that was why their faces were changing.

“Yeah that is why you were an inch away from her face because you weren't going to kiss her but whatever nice to meet you, Jake, I guess. Max great to see your nerdy face again, you look a little different though when your face isn't smashed into a locker.” While Connor was holding back a laugh a woman with brown hair and pale skin was looking at Connor through the door when she said something in a foreign language and then Connor responded in the same language and then she left.

Jake and Matt were now looking at Connor with wide eyes and were about to ask him what language that was and who she was but before they could open their mouths, their mother came up running up behind them and said with a cheery tone.

“Hi, you must be Glory and Connor, your mother has said a lot about you, how do you like it here so far.” She spoke sweetly to the newest guest.

Instead of answering, Connor went back to take the tv out of the truck and walked into the house as Jake's mother watched as Connor walked away. Glory said in a beautiful tone that sounded like she was singing.

“Sorry for my brother’s behavior, he hasn't had the best day so far, but everyone else is settling fine and is looking forward to living here and your cake was very good by the way.” It took a while for Mrs. Storm to look away from the door, but when she did she said her thank Glory for the compliment and then asked if they were going to be able to make it to dinner.

“I don't think so, I think dad is going to take us on a camping trip before school starts tomorrow till the morning, but will see, you never know with our family.” Glory smiled warmly as Mrs. Storm nodded her head before making her way back to her own yard.

That left Glory to lose in her thoughts about what her mother had said to Emmett, “Glory, who was the girl that had talked to Connor in that weird language.” Jake said as if he had read her mind.

“She's our mom and the language that she had spoken to Connor in was Greek, we are half Greek and half Spanish and are fluent in both. My mother’s Greek is far better than her English, so she speaks to us for the most part. He left because the last thing that needed to be brought into the house was the tv and that is it. Plus, he’s grounded for getting arrested so he can’t leave the house.” Glory spoke in such a warm voice.

Before Jake and Max could ask another question Peter, and their father came out and headed to the car, “Well then I will see you in court next week at Connor’s trail.” Pete spoke in a warm voice.

Ethan storm got into his car and told his kids to head back to the house to tell their mother that he would be home in an hour and pulled off. Pete headed back to the house when he stopped by the truck and slammed the door and it looked as if Glory had jumped in terror and cringed away from the man.

“Glory gets in the house right now.” Peter changed in an instance and in that moment, Jake could see his black soulless eyes and gleaming white fangs that were peeking out of the corner of his lips. Peter was pulling her into the house before she could even respond. Jake did not like the sight of these Vampires moving in next door. The way that both kids were afraid of this man, where they are even really his kids? Or his captives.

After a few hours, there was a hollow knock at the door that Jake had rushed to get to the door to find that it was the two newest people that moved in next door. Both Glory and Connor were resting on the front porch. Neither looked like they wanted to be here but had no choice.

“Hey Jake,” Glory said as her teeth gleamed and for a moment Jake thought that he saw the kind of sharpened canines only found in wolves and dogs. They swore that they saw Glory’s eyes turn red. The boys were shaken out of their confusion and wondered what was wrong when the phone inside of the house started to ring. Jake ushered them into the house and into the dining room where a whole spread was laid out for the young Hales. Though the tension in the air forced Jake to frown. 

When they got into the house and had sat down to eat, and Jake and Max’s mother went out integrating them starting with where their family was. 

“Our dad made me stay at home while the others went camping,” Connor spoke in a disappointed voice.

It seemed like in the few hours that he had known this boy, Connor only showed them two emotions his disappointment and anger. Mrs. Storm looked upset as if the only reason that Connor was here because he did not have anything better to do. Glory seemed to be the only one who caught that look on Mrs. Storm’s face, so she kicked Connor under the table and when he looked up from his plate. Glory gave him one of those faces, you know the ones that say be nicer or I will kick your ass.

Connor sighed and then faked a smile “That came out harsher than what I meant, I'm just a little bummed out cause every time that we move we always go camping the day before we go to school, and this year I can't go. I didn't mean to sound rude, Mrs. Storm.”

Connor looked back at Glory and gave a face that looked like you are happy now. She just smiled and looked back down at her plate.

Mrs. Storm then spoke, “Please call me Shay, and do you move a lot?”

Glory smiled sweetly at the lady and said “ Our father is a surgeon and we do move a lot because of his work, and he's also a Medical examiner for the police department  so that is another reason we move but I don't mind it.”

She gave one of her heart-melting smiles and Jake could stop staring, and that was really pissing Connor off.

“So why didn't you go camping Glory? Did you not want to, or could you just not resist seeing me?” Jake flirted, and Glory just started to laugh, and it sounds like angels raining down from heaven.

“She stayed because she didn't want to leave me all alone stuck in the house till tomorrow morning. She is a good sister like that.” Connor spoke in a warm and loving voice.

Once she stopped laughing, she looked at her brother and smiled, and for the first time ever Jake had seen Connor give a sincere smile back to his sister though that isn’t saying much since they just met.

“That was very kind of you, the two of you must be very close,” Shay said.

“Yeah, well Con’s the oldest and I am the youngest, so he has always looked out for me.” Worm and loving Glory spoke as her eyes sparkling like they had pixie dust in them.

“If you don't mind me asking who your other siblings are,” Shay spoke in a warm questioning voice.

“Con the oldest like I said, then there Lindsay she blonde, bitchy, tall, and a total drama queen. Then there Eddie brown hair, gold eyes like our dad, and tall. Then me, I am the baby, so Connor has always been protective of me, I guess I'm just that lucky.” She smiled her dazzling smile and all the people at the dinner table were memorized like out in the yard.

Then Jake broke the silence “so how old are you”

“I'm 16 but instead of being a sophomore I am a senior; I skipped a couple of grades. Emmett’s 18, Lindsay is 17, and Eddie’s 17. He and Lindsay are twins.” Glory spoke as if he was no big deal, she casually shrugged her shoulders.

“Wow, to skip two grades you would have to be really smart,” Shay spoke in an impressed voice watching as Glory looked away bashfully.

“I’m not that smart.” Glory spoke in a humble voice.

Jake smiled at her and she blushed, then there was a strange noise. It sounded like a dog growling, but Jake decided to ignore it. They finished dinner and were on their way out the door when Ethan Storm walked in the door just as Connor was about to walk out.

Ethan looked at Connor as if he were nothing more than a common criminal. Connor glared at him and thought about all the ways that he could beat, maim, and kill the cop. Glory saw the gears turning in Emmett's head and said her goodbyes, giving one last charming smile and grabbed Connor by his arm and pulled him out of the house.

As Jake watched them walk out of his house he could feel his father stirring behind him, "Watch them they have somthing to do with th recent murders. I responded to a call in the forest some campsites were attacked. The only difference was that there was no wolf hair at that sight." 

Jake knew that he was right but he wasnt so sure if the kids were at fault but he agreed there was somthing going on and they needed to be on the look out. 

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