Monsters Among Us

Monsters Among Us

By:  Kensei   Ongoing
Language: English
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Jake Storm always knew that he was different, he was faster, smarter, and good in a fight, he always saw things that others didn't think were real or ever existed. He felt like a freak of nature in his own family until his father sat him down and told him that he came from a long line of monster hunters. When a new family made their way into his home town and strange things begin to occur all fingers point to a set of siblings but things were not as they seemed and the monster lurking in the shadows did not seem so monstrous and those thought to be saints were the true predators lying in wait.

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28 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Storms
During the dark ages, there was talk of supernatural creatures that went bump in the night and no one would ever believe the rumors. They would say that it was religious fanatics spitting out dogma forcing men and women to convert to their religion by scaring them with tales of monsters. Others claimed that it was impossible that none of this was real, that their simply no way that monster could be real.That was till the killings started to happen then no one questioned it ever again and for years people were dying at the hands of witches, wolves, vampires, and so many other creatures. A wave of supernatural violence spread not just through ancient Europe but all around the world. There was thought to never be an end to the ritual like slaughters of humans all around the world until one man stepped up to the plate.Edwin Storm the famous monster hunter appeared from the shadows no one knew his true origins for they
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Chapter 2: The Lies Begin To Unravel
They knew that there was more to Jake than meant the eye, but they were not too sure what it could be, could he be like them or could he be something more dangerous. As Connor and Glory walked home from dinner that was all that they could think was their minds grey wearier with doubts and fears. When they look up to the empty stillhouse a deep-seated terror flooded their minds.“We could run,” Connor spoke in a low voice as if he expected someone to hear him.Pete had a nice smile and warm inviting eyes but when it came down to it he was a monster of the worst kind, Glory had a weak smile on her face as she looked to the house then the car that rested alone in the driveway.Like a sleeping beast dead to the world but with a simple touch could be rumbling in seconds. There were plenty of times that they wished for nothing more than to run away but they knew no matter how far they
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Chapter 3: What Should I Think
The darkness swirled around them like a never-ending fog, the howl of distant wolves now seemed deafening to Jake. His heart boomed in his ears making it impossible to hear the musical laughter of Glory. She was circling around him the same way that a wolf circles a sheep right before taking out a large bite of flesh. Her eyes were flashing crimson as Jake watched helplessly as her fingers morphed into claws dazzling black fingernails growing to be a foot long each. They were meant for the rending and ripping of flesh.But while she put on a good show for some reason Jake did not think that she would kill him but the same could not be said for her lover and her brother. Both had dark murderous looks on their face as they leaned against the tree. For once terror flooded the chest of Jake he has gone and rested in the hands of Connor and he knew that no amount of fighting training would keep him alive when it came to fighting off three wolves
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Chapter 4: Do Not Trust Them
Connor watched as they drove off looking to his sister as he spoke in a low voice, “Keep an eye on the storms. I heard them whispering  they think that they are using us to get to the vampires but we will use them and if need be we will kill them.”Glory let her eyes rack over the rigid form of Jake as if he was trying to shake
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Chapter 5: Study Partners
The siblings made it back to the school they could tell that something was amiss as they began to stalk back to their classroom in silence. Avoiding the police took longer than either of them thought, the mother and daughter were ranting and raving about monsters, but Connor and Glory knew that they would never believe them. But the moment that Ethan Storm heard about what was going on they knew that he would demand an answer from them.Paul scurried back off into the shadows waiting patiently for the next attack this time hoping to stop the attack before someone dies. Leaving them to live this false life once more but their hearts were pumping with excitement from the recent slaughter of vampires. They felt positively euphoric and nothing could ruin their high at least that was what they thought before they made their way into the room.A man with thinning brown curls and sparkling gray eyes gave them a harsh once
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Chapter 6: We Know What You Are Doing
Jake could feel the tension that sat heavy in the air as his father stood before him a frown on his face and a sneer pulling at his lips. He could tell that his father was fighting the urge to scream like he knew that there were ears on their house. Instead, he nodded to his study and just bean to walk off not a word simply striding as if he owned the place and he in fact did. Jake took in a heavy breath knowing that the whole reason that they were going to his study was to get yelled at. Since he was a detective and had a loss of information that if gotten into the wrong hands could sink a lot of cases, he had the room soundproof and had a lock on it that only Ethan could open. Jake looked once wistfully at the door knowing that he was never going to get to leave for his project session yet. He debated sending the Hale siblings a text that he was going to be late but realized that he did not ha
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Chapter 7 Covers Blown
The three wolves were walking in absolute silence and it was getting on Paul’s nerves because he knew that the two wolves in front of him were glaring at each other behind him.“Would the both of you two just say that you are sorry. It would help make things way less awkward for me and you two wouldn’t be so mad.” Paul spoke.He did not know why the two Hales were arguing, but he knew that he was always forced into the middle one way or another. The two Hales looked at each other and then laughed at Paul as if it were utterly laughable that he would dare get in the middle of their arguing. As if he did not have the right.“Baby I love you but that is not how Hales deal with their problems. One person
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Questions Lead To A Big Discovery
Glory looked at the other two wolves was going to question her judgment on the matter of telling Jake everything, but they did not. “Alright Jake what do you want to know.”  But when she asked the question Jake wasn’t looking at her, well he was but he wasn't so much looking her at her face but at something else that had been on his mind since Sunday morning when they first met. She looked down to see where Jake's eye line was at and her eyes ended up resting on her chest, then a cold breeze rustled through the trees and she had realized for the first time since this morning that she didn't have a shirt on. “Are you serious
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Death In The Family
It had to be at least three in the morning when all of this was going down, and the only thing that was running through Jake’s mind right now was that it was never going to work. Something was going to go wrong and then they would all be dead in a matter of minutes. It was going on like that for hours at a time and with every passing moment things were getting worse and worse for Jake, he kept thinking about all the things that were going to go wrong. Instead of all the things that were going to go right with this plan. It was Glory’s icy glare that pulled him out of his thoughts. “Maybe if you would listen to the plan and stop thinking about how it will go wrong then maybe you would be able to calm down you loser. Now  pay attention, this is the last time that we are going to repeat ourselves you got it?” Glory spoke in a cold voice.Jake just nodded his head turned to look at the three wolves. Glory spoke with a level of confidence not
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Missing Time
Jake didn't say a word he just turned around and pointed out the dead bodies. Ethan walked towards the dead bodies and found it hard to look but he could obviously tell that the girl was Glory’s. But he wasn't too sure about the boy, all he could tell was that it was a boy. He turned and gestured for the hales to get out of the car. The two doors of the black mustang opened and closed and you could see that Riley Hale had been crying. S
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