Before I leave Drianna's room, I stroll inside my room, hurling my body on my bed. I switch my position as my eyes glance at the picture frame I have with my family. 

"I'm so stupid," I mumble whilst staring at the picture frame. 

Then, suddenly I startle when hearing my phone rings. I sigh, grabbing my phone inside my pocket as I glance at it, seeing JM at the screen. 

"F*ck! What does he want?" I murmur before answering the call.

"What do you need?" I ask

"Where is she?" He answers me with a query. 

"Why do you want her?" 

"Just answer me!"

"Hmm. Do you think you scared me? No, I'm not so screwing you!" 

"I f*cking hate you, Harrison!" 

"Really? I think you don't hate me so don't tell me that, Mister." 

"Whatever you say, Harrison. Just bring the girl to me or else I'll f*cking kill you."

"Why would I give the girl to you if she's mine? So back off Jeffrey. She's not yours anymore."

"You rascal!" 

Then, I hung up, taking a deep breath and striving to soothe my rage inside me. Why is she so important to him? I can't help to reckon about how that girl seduces my man! She's just a girl for Pete's sake! 

Well, as you can see, I know everything about her. I search for her identity and it turns out, she is Jeffrey's slave which gets my attention. And so, Drianna lives with him but things get alter when he falls in love with her. 

So Drianna leaves without a word since she has feelings for Jimin, who's happily married to his lover. Which is me. I love him with all my heart yet he has a homewrecker and one thing I notice, why does he love Drianna. 

And since Drianna runs away from our mansion, he wants me to move to another apartment, separating me from him which is absurd. And to the fact that he wants me to file a divorce... For what? So he could be with that toy of him? No... I won't allow him to file a divorce.

He knows that he is my life, my everything. He's my first love since high school and we've been a couple even though he is my senior. 

And also, Theo is the bridge for both of us because of the relation between me and Theo. We've been best friends since childhood and also Jeffrey's classmates. 

Because of Theo, I wouldn't meet Jeffrey. And I'm really happy when I meet him.

And all of a sudden, I start missing my husband although I just talked with him a while ago. And so, I grab my phone, typing his number, and press the button 'call'.

Within a split of a second, I smile when he picks the call. 

"Why?" He asks with a stern voice.

"Prude. I can't call my husband? I just miss you."

"Wow. You're so rude to me a while ago and now you're very clingy"

I chuckle when knowing that I'm being rude a while ago but it's his fault. He mentions his toy, that's why I get furious. 

"Sorry. Can I come over?"

"Of course. You're my husband after all but I know you know where Drianna is."

"Can you please focus on me and not mention your toy!"

"My toy? You know she's not my—"

"Whatever Jeffrey but please focus on me. I want you to be with me. I miss you and I love you."

"Okay, pick me at my office. I miss you too."

"I'll be there in 30 minutes. I love you."


I hung up, heaving the phone on the bed, and stride inside the restroom to have a nice shower. And then after an hour, I grab my casual clothes and hurriedly wear them.  Then, I glance at the full body mirror, examining myself since I want to be handsome for my husband. 

I'm wearing my black shirt with a denim jacket as I tuck my shirt inside. Also, I wear my ripped jeans that compliment my gold like timberland shoes.

As I step outside my room, I see Drianna sitting on the couch. Then, she smiles at me as if I haven't kidnapped her. But what can I say, she's too nice. 

I sigh, shaking my head when thinking about her being nice or anything. 

"I'll be back at 10 pm," I mumble before strolling outside the apartment. 

I walk to the parking lot, pressing the button for opening my car door before stepping inside the car. Afterward, I start the engine and drive to my destination. 

After half an hour of travel, I arrive at Jeffrey's company. I greet the guard, who just opens the door for me and greets me back. 

And when I arrive at the main door of my husband's office, I greet the secretary. 

And so, the secretary smiles at me and says, "Mr. Bryne, Mr. Park is waiting for you." 

My brows intersect, confused when his secretary calls him 'Mr. Park' 

"Thank you." 

I step inside my husband's office to fetch him for our date and it's been... I think half a year since he doesn't want me to come to his office or even have to talk with me ever since Drianna comes into our lives.

I glance at him and see him very busy so I wave at him, striving to get his attention yet he doesn't look at me. I roll my eyes and try to get his attention. This time, he just smiles and goes back to his business. 

I scoff, crossing my arms as I sit on the couch, sulking. Thereafter, he places his phone down, leaning his elbow to his desk, while his head rests on his palm.

"I thought it's my time." I glare at him. 

He just laughs, signing me to sit on his lap so I giggle, walking towards him and sitting on it. He wraps his hand into my waist as he smells my scent. 

"I miss this, Harry." He murmurs. 

"I know but..." He glances at me, turning my body to face him. 


"Why did you use Park when your last name is Bryne?" I ask. 

"Sorry. You want to eat something?" He changed the topic. 

"You," I say. 

"No. I'm hungry, come." He pushes me and he stands. 

"Mrs. Jung, cancel all my meetings for today and reschedule it tomorrow." 

"Yes, Mr. Park."

"And if you're done, you can go home and say hi to your husband," Jeffrey says as he smiles at her. 

"Husband?" I ask. 



"Erharth." He laughs when my eyes widen at his announcement. 

"Really? What happened to Theo?" 

"Theo? Well, after they broke up, he went to Singapore for his business." He explains

"Ohh, well we need to have a reunion. I know Darryl and Jasper will love that. They miss us." I mumble. 

As we walk downstairs, we stroll to my car where I park in front of the building. I press the button to open the door as I step inside at the driver's seat whilst he strolls at the passenger seat. 

I begin to start the engine and drive to our favorite restaurant. And after a while, we step outside the car, strolling inside the restaurant and searching for a seat. 

Then, I pull him closer to me, signing him to sit in front of me. I call the waiter for the menu. 

"Finally, we are having a date after a year.  I thought it wouldn't happen again but here we are, sitting in front of each other, eating together. Are you happy?" I utter yet he's spaced out. 

Then, I shake his shoulder to get his attention.

"Babe, are you listening to me?" He snaps.

"Huh? Ah yes sorry." 

I sigh, scratching my nape in frustration, and say, "You're not. Are you thinking of that girl?"


"Why do you want to know where she is?"


"Am I not enough? Because I have a d*ck and not a v*gin*? Because I'm gay?" 

I sigh, crossing my arms as my eyes release tears, rushing through my cheeks.

"No... Please, Harry, don't say that. I… Just want to apologize and I want..." He stops uttering, sighing as he leans his back on the rest. 

Then, he glances at me and adds, "To have her back." 

My eyes roll, scoffing when realizing that he wants her back. 

"I know it was going to happen but sad to say, Jeffrey. I will never tell you where she is and as I said earlier, she is mine so back off." 

"Harrison Bryne… Are you using her against me? Do you want a fight?" 

I chuckle, standing up as I lean closer to his ear and whisper, "You say so." 

I lean away before strolling outside the restaurant and leave him behind. 

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