I was amazed to see Lexter Montero.   He was dashingly handsome, tall, and has a great body built.   It was been a very long time since I last saw him, it was second-year high school.   

He was so handsome as if he was perfectly created by a god.   His eyes were very charming, its captivating when he gazed.  He has a high nose and got a muscular, sexy body built.   Gosh!! what am I thinking! 

Lexter got all things successfully.  Luis told me he has his own company in Metropolitan City.  I heard that he will be managing soon their lands here in the province.   Lexter was so far and high now to reach, while I had not reached anything better.  It felt very sadly honestly but I can not complain, maybe it's my fate to be poor.

I'm sure, she has a goddess-like girlfriend, wealthy like him.  "Oh my goodness!   Why am I thinking of him?   I had a boyfriend now, he is not as so handsome as Lexter but he is handsome," smiling by myself on what I am saying to myself.


It's Sunday, the last day of my one week vacation, I needed to go back to the City to take care of my company.   I need to make plans on how to manage two business at the same time as my parents were so eager to retire and go around the world.

I slept a little last night thinking about Yaze, the scene from the river, and meeting her again.   I had never imagined that she would grow up into a gorgeous and sexy woman.  I felt something in my heart, it woke up a feeling that was been there a long time ago when we were kids.   I thought not meeting her for many years would change that feeling but I was wrong.   She had captivated me once again, it was like love at first sight.

I wondered if she has a boyfriend, a gorgeous lady like her I'm sure she has a boyfriend but I wished she has none.

I had a girlfriend but I don't love her.   She was just a status girlfriend, a woman to take on parties, a display.  The most popular woman in the city, a model, wealthy and sexy was my girlfriend.  I seldom date her, my company was more important than her.


Lexter Montero got up early planning to see Yaze before going back to the city.   He went to the restaurant but she was off work.   He thought of going to her house in the farm, so he drove heading to Yaze's house.

On his way passing to the dirt road along the river, he saw a blue car parking on the side of the road nearer to the riverbank.   Lexter Montero driving slowly, got interested in the car because there was no one in the town with a car like that, if someone has a ride in the town, usually it's a jeep or jeepney car.   He saw a man came out of the car.

The people in the blue car one by one came out, which something in their hands.   The woman in the co-pilot seat had not come out yet.  Lexter Montero had the feeling that he can not explain, stopped his jeepney car and watch them.   The man opens the door on the side where the woman sat and stepped out.   He was stunned when he saw that it was Yaze.  

She was dress in a maxi dress, covering her to her ankles, her hair was in a bun.   The others I don't know them.   They carried baskets and towels.   They seem to have a picnic in the river.   I saw them spread a big blanket on the grass and put down their baskets.  The boy and girl look like teens headed to the river and started swimming.   Yaze and the handsome man seated together and having a chat as they laugh together.

Lexter watched keenly when the man kisses Yaze's cheek, and Yaze kiss back him on the cheek.   Lexter Montero felt a heavy heart.  Is he jealous?


Fuck! he kissed her!  Is he her boyfriend?  I felt irritated with the guy that kissed her and she kissed him back!   Yaze stood up, she removed her maxi dress revealing her legs in her short shorts and a thin sleeveless t-shirt hugging her upper body.   she was sexy.  I felt like wanted to punch that guy. 

The guy suddenly pulled Yaze around her waist and embraced her.

"Fuck!" I'm bursting with anger as I can not accept the fact that a man embracing her,  "No, she's mine!"

I was owning her without her knowledge.   What's happening with me, gosh! 

I start my car and drove away, headed back home feeling irritated.  I felt like wanting to leave the town immediately.

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