Chapter 129

One Year Later

“You could be over here with your true mate and not sweating your ass off, but no—violence prevails.” I sighed dramatically, grabbing a grape, and plopping it into my mouth. Atlas was easily a hundred feet away, his skin porcelain and shimmering with sweat. I eyed the thick muscles that spanned his shoulders and back, running down the length of his thick arms. “Well, I guess the view isn’t that bad.”

“Speak for yourself, I love a little violence to start off my day. Nothing gets the blood pumping like political intrigue, vigorous training or a good old-fashioned fight.” Nicki grinned manically, leaning against the thick truck of the tree she sat in front of.

Her chestnut hair had lightened from spending the year in Liam’s court, beneath the blistering sun and thick humidity. It now held golden undertones that matched her tanned skin. The dress she wore was bound at the shoulders with golden pins and reminded me of the Greek goddesses taught in

Jane Doe

Thank you so much for reading my books, and for enjoying them in all of their flawed entirety. I love taking all of you out of this world and into another, even for the short moments you read these chapters. <3 Thank you all so much!

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Ashleigh Gibbs
I hope you write a sequel ...
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Jennifer Q.
This author has extreme talent! I've read another of hers as well. I give this book 5 stars! ...
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alex g
Great book thank you!
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