Chapter 2.

I've never seen father this nervous. He always acts speechless and shy whenever he gets nervous, so am pretty sure this guy was a big deal. "I had to handle a certain problem." He said with all manner of seriousness, am shocked, Father never responds firmly to anyone, even mother. No doubt that was addressed to mother. Finally, the two came to a stop, just a few feet away from each other. "Good evening, Alpha Max." He greeted him.

"Mr Shawn, I believe you have my package ready for me." He said. Father  smiled and brought forward the box. The man they called Alpha took a good look at it and frowned like it was not what he had expected, he glanced at me and I shrinked with fear. "Is that all? This wasn't what we had discussed. Mr Shawn." Something bigger than what was in the box, this just makes me more desperate. What was their deal about. The Alpha seemed to losing his patience with each passing second. 

Father bowed deeply. "I deeply apologize Mr Max, but what you asked for was something I couldn't give you." He boldly told him. There was tension between these two, one my mother noticed. She held me tightly and drew me closer to her. The look on the Alpha's face finally turned into a forced smile and he took the box away from him. Father handed over the key to the box, the Alpha took a peek inside and smiled. I tried to look too but I am so short, that it was hopeless.

He held out his hand for a hand shake, when they did he said to him. "It was nice doing business with you Shaw. Have a nice day." He turned his back, and began to walk away, with his bodyguards sandwiching him as if their lives depended on it. Father watched as the Alpha got into his black car and handed the box to his most trusted right hand man. Breathing a sigh of relief, father supported mother with his hand behind her back and led us outside. We walked back to the car.  He said nothing as he started the engine and drove off, even mother didn't say a word. 


The next morning, the house was more than busy as we packed our necessary belongings. Father had  ready our airplane tickets and international ID's. The plan was to leave the country to find a new home, I think. I was having breakfast as the maids and my nanny showered me with kisses and praises as though I were still three. 

As my parents descended from the stairs with the luggages which were immediately taken outside by one of our domestic employees, I quickly took off my hearing aids.. It was an emotional moment as we bid their farewell to what we've called home for as long as I could remember and to their domestic staff including Freya, my  nanny as we finally got into the car, the rest of the stuff we couldn't bring will be shipped later, and a couple of other stuff and food supplies were given to the workers. Next week, a new owner would move in, as father had already sold our house to remove all trace of our existence. 

As the road stretched out in front of us, mother  could finally have a peace of mind. There was a glow on her face as she often turned back and smiled at me, it was like nothing happened. I would also smile back at her and this would cause  mother to be overjoyed that she retrieved some chocolate  from her purse which she offered to me. I looked out the window, day dreaming of what life has installed for us when I felt someone tap me. Mother kept trying to get my attention, she signed for me to put on my hearing aids which I did. Father cut us short when he screamed. "What the!" My mother looked forward and spotted a car that significantly missed ours. But the maniac didn't stop there, he drove forward and when father tried to swerve in the opposite direction, he ran our car over with full force. I can't remember what happened, but I found myself struggling to breathe and holding my mother's hand.  The car flipped a couple of times before finally landing upside down on the asphalt.

In a moment of haziness, mother and I looked over at father who was severely injured. I couldn't stop the pain on my body, it felt like I was stabbed with a knife over and over again. Everything felt wrong, my body ached severely. I could hear mother call out father's name, and reached for him when he didn't respond. I wonder why he wasn't responding, what happened to him. I tried to wake him up so many times but he just sat there, he wasn't moving, confused I wondered what this was, although I knew fully well what it was, it was difficult to accept the truth, and wept bitterly.

 After  much struggle, she managed to unlatch the seat belt and reach for me. With the little strength she had left, she pushed me out, and crawled out too, her legs were damaged and she had no hopes of walking without limping for at least a year. Looking forward, we spot the mad driver who had caused all this and mother holds me tightly. Judging from the fact that he stuck around, he wasn't done with us and that scared me.  The man came down and mother quickly recognized him, "you. Simon." She said in anger.

He couldn't care less. "The Alpha wishes to speak with you." He said casually.

"Why should I go with you. You just murdered my husband." She said in tears.

He squats  next to her and looks towards the direction of the car. "He...." He pointed towards Father's dead body and continued. "Tried to run away." 

"You almost ran into us, what stopped you from dropping by to say hi." She asked, he erupted in laughter and stood up. 

"Now that wouldn't be doing my job now would it. I was asked not to go nice on you two. Now back to business. The Alpha wants to have a word with any of you that survives, and that's you. So would you come with me or should I use force." 

"There's nothing that I wish to say to him now that my husband is dead, so, to hell with him." Although he could tell she meant it, he just sighed, thinking of what to do, he looked around and when he spotted me, he gave a devilish grin which didn't go unrecognized. 

"Your little girl. How old is she?" He asked. I stepped back when I realized he asked of me. Mother stubbornly stayed quiet, but the bastard grabbed her by her hair and made her look towards my direction, scaring me to death. She had to reply. "Twelve." She said. His eyes sparkled like he just won a lottery. "Twelve, she's so young. Hey, what do you say if I drop a couple of bullets in her brain." The word echoed in my head as I froze up.

Horrified, she begged him with all she got. "No, please. I beg of you, I'll do anything."

"That's more I like it. Now let's move it, the Alpha might get mad that you're late."  Anna felt the cool metal on her temple and decided that he meant business. She signaled for her daughter to come closer and together they both got into the car. I remembered how I tried to run away, back to father but mother held me tightly she didn't want to let me go. To shut me up he placed a gun on my head. He took it off for a second and aimed at the window where father was, and pulled the trigger, if father wasn't dead then this surely killed him at last. Hoping I understood he pointed it back at me. Although I didn't want to die, nothing stopped me from crying, my tears were non stop and so was my mother's.

We arrived at their destination in one piece, ironically. Right outside the warehouse, the same one where father had brought us. Mother didn't want to get down from the car, she looked outside the window for a while, until the man spoke up. "Let's go." He said, all she did was nod. She got down from the car, the pain in her legs causing her to limp as she pulled me close to her. Anxiety washed over us as we got closer to him. I could feel her trembled and her knees were shaken. Finally we came face to face with the Alpha, he didn't look happy at all. Funny because he just killed my father, we should be the one upset right? Shouldn't that have made his entire year? 

She looked away from his fierce gaze. Everything about this man screamed danger. He grabbed her face tightly in his hand and squeezed it. "Why did you betray my trust?" She couldn't help but gasp for air when he said that.

"What are you talking about Alpha Max, we gave you what you wanted, didn't we?" She asked.

He kept questioning us like it was natural. "Where were you running to? Why were you leaving the country, why were you three in a hurry to leave the country." She was silent, unaware of what to say or how to reply to his question, she bit her lower lip in frustration. 

When asked a second time, she looked him square in the eyes. I remember that look on her face, like her worry suddenly vanished. "I told you we've done nothing wrong, why don't you understand, you killed my husband for nothing." She cried, "we decided to leave the country, that's all. What we do with our private lives doesn't concern you, and talking about trust, well I have no idea what you're talking about. The best person to ask about this was my husband, but you've killed him so I have nothing to say about your trust. I just met you, and so did my little girl, please let us go sir." Her reply angered the Alphas' men that they volunteered to kill her but he stopped them. 

He turned away from her and nodded to himself. "Go. Get away from here." He instructed us, mother didn't hesitate, she took my hand and ran towards the exit, when suddenly I heard a loud noise.

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