Chapter 95.

"Why did you go down." I've never seen Lune this mad. No one dared say a word to him until we were spoken to, not even me, I knew this was what would befall me yet, I was still curious about that boy and went down to help him, brother must have arrived sooner than I had expected and found out.

"He needed help." I tell him.

"Anna, Stars, Lune's, and Luna's are not meant to interfere with the mud people, it's against the rules, how many times must I tell you this." Rules, rules, rules, I've heard that so many times, am always limited by rules telling me what and what not to do. 

"I went as a human not as a Luna, besides am yet to be a Luna so right now I hold no value, that boy needed my help." 

"No he didn't Anna and stop with the childish acts, do you know how old you are, you're no longer a child whereas he's only twelve, humans and Stars age differently especially beings like us." True, w

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