Chapter 5 Remembering...

Jing Yue nonchalantly looked on at the patient with her hair in an adorable mess. "Good evening, Miss Tang. Do you remember anything yet?"

Xin Ran shook her head. "No, nothing."

"I have a suggestion that may be of help to you," he stated. "As much as you want to regain your memory, I do hope you can remember... the past."

She eyed him dubiously and recalled the gossip page she had come across the other day. If indeed it was factual that he preferred the company of men, why was he so concerned with lending her his assistance? Unless he had some connection to her accident? She must be wary of him, then!

"What's in it for you?" she interrogated him, her eyes focused on him like lasers. "As far as I'm concerned, I was working for another architectural company before the accident." Her reaction appeared to trigger him, and a sour look formed across his face.

"Can't I be concerned as a friend?" he responded irately. Xin Ran somehow sensed that today, he wasn't like his usual icy self. Something or someone must have affected him before he visited. Besides, he seemed slightly irritable. Just a few words would cause his emotions to waver.

"Yes, sure, you can. But I can't even remember if we are friends at all." She made the statement with clarity. "It's not that I have anything against you. I can't remember everything yet. I haven't recalled anything yet."

He took a few minutes to calm down. Just what happened to Mr Icy? she thought. "Take your time to recall," he suddenly said. "But I'm here today to take you somewhere if you agree to consider my suggestion for us to try to help you recover your memory."

She stared challengingly at Jing Yue. "Sure." She didn't feel afraid of him in the least. Somehow, there was something about him every time that made her willing to trust him, even though she had no memory of him.

So, she was innocent like a lamb, but on the other hand, she was rather bold with him. Few women were like her, but he required her to remember him so that he could conventionally commence his pursuit of her, but he didn't know how long she would take. Months, perhaps? It was just a test of his patience, and sadly, he was weak in this department.

She followed him out of the ward confidently after having her dinner. Jing Yue believed that taking her back to the accident site might trigger her memories, but on the other hand, since the auto accident was the cause of her trauma, it would be more detrimental than helpful to her. Due to this, he selected to take her instead to the venue of the conference.

They headed up to the hall using the elevator, and he offered her his jacket as it was cold.

"We came here?" she asked. He nodded.

"We talked for almost five days straight. It all.. started from a cappuccino."

She could sense the emotionality in his voice, and instantly understood that Ying Xue must be someone very significant and unique to him. Sadly, she had no memory of Ying Xue's past, and other than the slight sense of familiarity and captivation he gave her, she had felt no exclusive feelings for him yet.

They headed to the snack area where Jing Yue fetched a tea bag and placed it into a porcelain teacup, before dispensed hot water into the teacup and offering it to her.

"You had camomile during our first encounter."

She smiled meekly in response. "Well, I don't remember.. What were you having?"

He automatically dispensed a mug of cappuccino from the machine. "This cup of cappuccino, direct from the machine. You asked what it was about coffees. I said I might change to liking tea."

She didn't understand what he had meant, but it was okay. She had all the time she needed for her recovery, but would she remember him one day?

He escorted her around the hall, and she took her time in touching and sensing every bit of decoration and furniture there.

Out of good faith, they had consented to allow the decor to remain there a while longer. But once someone booked the hall for a next meeting, the set would have to go.

"I still can't remember, Jing Yue."

"Let's go somewhere else, then."

They took the elevator down, and since the hotel was a bit aged, they sensed it was a bit shaky as they transitioned back to the lobby. Jing Yue ignored the faltering lights, and before she knew it, he had pressed her gently against the wall of the elevator, with his lips positioned dangerously but fascinatingly above hers.

The memory of how it had happened in the past came to him. Ying Xue had slipped on her tall high heels. When he caught her, she looked deep into his eyes, absorbing all the passion he had in him. Their lips had been on the verge of meeting, when the doors of the elevator opened and a passenger entered the elevator, causing them to stop midway.

She was now in such a disadvantageous situation, and her heart pounded intensely against his. She reminded herself casually that he was likely not interested in her, but the moment his lips touched hers, she felt a sense of pleasure, along with an utterly heavenly feeling, that she was flying in the skies.

He continued to kiss her gently and lovingly, sending electrical jolts down her spine with the mightiness of his touch, and she wondered if she was dreaming. Since she had lost her memory, she was unsure if she had ever encountered such a myriad of emotions before! Her first kiss with Jing Yue had just been a few seconds, and currently, the kiss seemed to last forever.

The elevator began to tremor for a few seconds, and then the lights went out. Albeit the situation before them, the mysterious man was not affected and continued to make love to her lips, amazingly gentle and skilful in his conduct.

A series of images appeared before her, and her head throbbed with pain. Amidst the agony, she recognized it was a memory of her with Jing Yue, and they were in the elevator, as they were now. She saw everything clearly, the force of their attraction, and how they were in a similar position, and had almost kissed. Only that now, it had become a reality.

He pulled away the second he realized she was in agony, and she crouched on the floor of the elevator, with her hands on both temples.

"The pain....make it stop..."

He held her in his arms and attended to her with immediate concern.

"It will be alright soon. We can get through this together."

She was on the brink of melting in his arms. Yet the warmth of his body overcame the misery that was convulsing inside her head....

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