The Second Time

The Second Time

By:  ssfx3yuchens  Ongoing
Language: English
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Chu Xin Ran wakes up with vague memories of her past life in the body of a young woman in the hospital, a victim of a car accident involving three cars. Greatly intrigued by Jing Yue, the cold young man who had taken her to hospital. Believing that he is connected to the young woman, she takes it upon her to find out for herself what happened prior to the crash, and who her new life is... Instead, she gets dragged into an unconventional relationship, which would span over a number of lifetimes...

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Priscilla Arthur
Kisses author ... I have fallen for the book ... Please I recommend, it's the best
2022-07-06 23:04:46
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Hiraeth Faith
The flow of the story is immaculate and I can already tell that this is going to be one of my faves! The storyline is just so smooth!!
2021-01-31 15:18:06
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Caia Clearwood
Interesting storyline. From the beginning, the book grabs your attention and holds you there. Great job!
2021-01-16 10:21:47
17 Chapters
"Xin Ran, you were reborn for a reason." The goddess' voice was soft and emotional as if her death had brought the goddess some pain.With pain emitting all over her body, she relived a memory she thought she had forgotten. Images of a battlefield appeared in her mind. She saw her own corpse, and a man loomed over her. His eyes were crestfal
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Chapter 1 Lost Memories
The woman in the red dress struggled to breathe and absorb what was going on about her. She sensed emotions of tragedy, anguish and desperation all around. Her head was heavy, she was breathless like something heavy had been pushed down on her, and her consciousness was fading. Focus, Focus
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Chapter 2 Thank You
Jing Yue stared deeply at the woman for a very long time. He had long heard of this strange woman during university, and how she piqued many students' curiosity during her freshman years with the peculiar things that she had done out of the blue. Coincidentally, she had been his junior of three years during his studies there, and he had also encountered her a few times in the university library. Brushing past her in the library had also resulted in him having the impression she wasn't an ordinary woman like the others, but at that time, there had been no suitable chance for him to get to know her then. Eventually he graduated from the university i
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Chapter 3 Wondering
"You were fortunate that you didn't suffer a severe concussion to the head," Jing Yue said in his typical icy tone as they took a stroll outside the hospital ward. As she was weak, she was seated in a wheelchair while Jing Yue meticulously carted her around the park situated in the vicinity of the ward. Surprisingly, she had been one of the parties involved in a serious car accident - but her damage wasn't that serious considering the other parties had died. She was the sole survivor, and he speculated that the trauma of seeing so many deaths around her had caused her to be significantly affected, and hence, she was suffering a post-traumatic loss of memory. On t
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Chapter 4 Cyber-Boyfriend
When she woke up again after taking the painkillers from the nurse, it was already four in the afternoon. Jing Yue hadn't turned up today, and the visiting hours of the ward were already over for the daytime. It wouldn't be until five-thirty in the evening until the hospital ward would open up to allow visitors again. She heard a buzz from her phone and realized there was a notification from HeyApp. Someone by the alias 'A Marvel' had sent her a message. Since t
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Chapter 5 Remembering...
Jing Yue nonchalantly looked on at the patient with her hair in an adorable mess. "Good evening, Miss Tang. Do you remember anything yet?" Xin Ran shook her head. "No, nothing."
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Chapter 6 Her Fate
He coaxed her calmly and pulled her closer to him to soothe her pain, and after a few minutes, she felt herself drifting into a deep slumber. To her astonishment, instead of merely falling asleep, her consciousness was fading away.She appeared to be entering an unusual area, seemingly in another plane of existence.
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Chapter 7 Unexpected Visitor
Before renewing her contract with her employers, Janny Xu had returned to her secluded home town for two weeks to visit her aged parents, having missed them so much after spending several years in a strange city far from home. She had barely resumed work for a week when gossip in the office about her teammate's probable accident had somehow reached her ears. Up till now, nobody had bothered to find out what happened to their colleague who was missing in action. Janny found it appalling how certain people only cared about themselves and had only seemed to be concerned about her when it benefited themselves. In the past, when they worked together as a team, so many of these colleagues had invested in currying favour with Ying Xue, by treating her to b
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Chapter 8 Forget-Me-Not
"Xue Xue!" Janny yelled and dashed into the hospital room. Xin Ran looked up from the magazine, her large round eyes filled with perplexity as she absorbed the sight of the unfamiliar female figure before her. She had been expecting that Jing Yue would be here t
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Chapter 9 A New Ying Xue!
Xin Ran sensed that she was strolling in an extremely colourful floral garden. It had felt so comfortable, that she was unsure if she was Chu Xin Ran or Tang Ying Xue then. She didn't know if it was a dream or a memory, and then she continued. She realized everything felt so realistic, that she was doubtful if she was in a dreamscape or if it was reality.This time, she didn't see Goddess Qiwan in her dreams. A tall and muscular figu
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