Chapter 209

“My sisters, are they safe?” Aidan asked, his voice low.

Even with a side view of his face, I could see the way it twisted into a concerned grimace. With eyebrows knitted tightly together and jaw clenched, he pivoted his head from left to right, peering down each corridor as we crept through another intersection. The sword he clutched in his hand, it’s metal an impenetrable black that shimmered with blood, was raised and ready for use.

“Is anyone truly safe?” I asked, eyeing one of the windows warily. It would be all too easy for Nadia or one of her monsters to slip through now that the hallways were conjoined. “They’re hidden away. The fight won’t reach them.”

His shoulders slumped as much as they could with the defensive stance he held, and a sigh of relief escaped his lips.

“Thank the Goddess. Even though I’d see them when I got back, I’m not sure I’d be able to handle it if they were dead.”

He didn’t have to explain why, not when the answer hovered in the space between us.

There w
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Comments (16)
goodnovel comment avatar
Amazing chapter! Got me crying not gonna lie. ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Kiera J
I ugly cried reading this chapter. So many innocent lives lost to this war over the years. I'm so ready for Rachel to destroy Nadia for everyone she's hurt.
goodnovel comment avatar
So, she no longer needs to reach the training room? She's seen Aiden and now she's just ready to confront Nadia??

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