59. Inevitable.

*Seraphine's POV*

              I scream, startled. The flesh across my shoulders searing as it tears away. I was so close, so close to this giant man who had set his sights on Axar. I fight to fling whoever us on my back away, desperate to reach Axar in time. He's just a child, not even old enough to drive! He shouldn't be here. This man has an ominous, sinister vibe about him that he commanded the room just by entering it. I don't have to guess what his intentions towards Axar are. Free of the pest on my back I leap onto this man's shoulders and I hit him with everything in me, as quickly as I can.

           I can feel myself being pried away from him as I let lose with as much force as I can muster, fluttering the man to turn to me. It's a horrible situation I find myself in, but in that moment I see Axar run for Alexavier. He was pale as a ghost as he made his d

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