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His long fingers stroked my cheeks, a dangerous smile graced his perfectly structured face. “ I adore you far too much to let you go,my angel.” “ Then enjoy while it lasts because I've had enough, once I find someone stronger I will flee to him.”I snapped at him ignoring the dangerous aura surrounding him. With a very disturbing calm look on, he leaned forward very close to my ear and said “my dearest angel, he will face a fate worse than death. Then I will screw you again and again, until your insides are molded back to my shape. I'll put you in every position until you remember nothing but my name and the pleasure I've given you. Until you remember exactly who you belong to." ∆∆∆∆∆ Since weak creatures like humans were the reason he was cursed for life, king Xerxes would rather have his bond mate killed the very day she was born than accept a human as a mate. But even after all the massacre that took place that night, she somehow managed to escape . Now he wants her all to himself and will kill anyone who dares to think otherwise. But what happens if she's that “ ANYONE? ".

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In the middle of the night, a fiery chariot came to a stop in the firmament, on the chariot stood a Celestia beauty, his long white hair was adorned with a majestic golden crown carved into the shape of of the sun, the white dress he wore danced to the tune of the night wind, it shone in the dark night as his body radiates the sun.Zeus cast his glowing eyes on his three sons whose appearance screams the aftermath of war, muscular bodies scathe with bad slashes , batters and bruises of all shapes, the eyes of this three young men were the color of blood tinted with stubbornness and anger will a strong hatred carefully sandwiched between them. Their surroundings were marred by the aftermath of war, carcasses of both high and low ranked demons and other spiritual beings were laying hopelessly on the cold ground. Blood of all colors came together to create flowing rivers of blood. Vultures and other carrion eating birds dance over the bodies celebrating the feast prepared for them . " D
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1000 years laterIt was in the middle of winter, in the year of the rabbit. Terrified screams filled the night air as the sky in the human world suddenly turned red, but this didn't last a second before it returned to its original form.Before the eyes of everyone a new star appeared beside a red star called the “ devil's star ” causing a great uproar.All these signs remain unknown to a group of people hiding somewhere in the palace of DeHaven. KINGDOM OF DEHAVEN."It's a g-girl, your highness," Prince Hendrick froze,his hands, resting on his exhausted wife's body, shook as he turned and looked at the royal chief midwife. He had secretly arranged this delivery months ago, and now they were hidden in one of the underground rooms in the palace, where his beloved wife Ava was giving birth."What did you just say, Mia?" Prince Hendrick hoped he had heard it all wrong. Perhaps it had been a mistake. But the look of pity in the older woman's face couldn't be concealed. The royal midwi
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TWENTY YEARS LATER On the training ground of DeHaven kingdom, a big circle form by the good numbers of young men in armor could be seen. This young men chant and cheers excitedly over whatever they are watching inside the circle they formed.Sounds of metals colliding with each other accomplished the loud cheers.It happens that two soldiers are in a drew, this two fiercely came at each other both of them trying to disarm the his opponent. At a corner another soldier was holding a hat filled with gold coins and precious stones, as he patiently wait for the winner.After a long time a sword fell to the ground and the young soldier who still had his sword, had the tip pointed at his opponent with a mocking smirk at the corner of his lips.Disappointing cry and murmur filled the air, for the winning soldier was actually not the one the group of soldiers had their hope on. They were all sad that their money has gone to waste.“Your highness!"“Your highness!!"Someone was desperately cal
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No matter how much he hated being male, being female in this world was not an option. Apart from a sex slave like the other women , the king might just sell him off.Even though there was no future for him, he has to do anything to give Mira a better life. His sister was all he had in the world.Finally, he forced himself to get up. He slowly walked to the door and closed it behind him. As he walked out of the palace grounds, as usual he drew attention like flies, and murmurs flies behind as he walks by. Amongst those words that flew by as he passed, he could hear smatterings of it.“He’s so pretty,”“It’s the feminine prince,”“No man should have a hair that gorgeous”He ignored them all, feigning relaxation and nonchalance as he move forward, his head held high. Yet, his sense remained on alert. As he made his way towards the lonely route that led to the woods, his chest doubled like it always did whenever he walked by these routes, and he doubled his alertness. A person could eas
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Prince Arthur woke up to the bumping ride of a carriage. His head woozy and his senses disoriented, he blinked several times to adjust his vision. With a groan, he rose, turned to the carriage wooden window and pushed it open. A gasp left him as the ray of sun kissed his face, using his hand as a shede he waited until his eyes became a inured to it after that he quietly took in his surrounding.They have obviously crossed the great mountains, probably far from DeHaven. He could see so many strange beings moving about their way, freely going about their various activities on the road, but that wasn't what had Arthur's jaw on the floor.The young prince couldn't believe what he's seeing, if his could remember correctly, the great kingdom of Kansas is the only place were creatures with their upper body like a human’s and lower body like animals exists. Last he could remember he was with Lancelot his personal guard, how did he end up in a chariot? Or is this some kind of dream, he pinc
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Prince Arthur was relieved when he learnt that the monster king was yet to arrive at the dinner because he had overslept because of how exhausted he was from the journey.After dressing he hurriedly towards the dining hall praying that the king shouldn't be there yet, since it won't be leaving a good impression of him..Just a few steps and they would be joining other envoys in there, just a few steps.His steps came to a sudden stop, on seeing the group of people in front of the giant door. His heartbeat immediately dropped on realizing who was at the entrance.Prince Arthur shielded his sister behind him on seeing the pair of bloody eyes fixed on them.“She's here!, my mate." The king could feel how excited his beast was over his new founding, but that wasn't the case with him.He couldn't believe it. After all his efforts to put her to death, his human mate managed to escape. Will he become a cause for laughter to his people?,‘ Zeus, this is your work right?, don't think you've won
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The prince couldn't tell how exactly he was able to fall asleep that night, but if he must confess that was the best sleep he has ever had in ages.It was already past breakfast when he finally woke up to Mirabella standing beside his bed with her hand in a kimbo.“Good morning sleepy head!" She pronounced making sure it was directed into her brothers here.“Is it morning already?I would like to sleep some more." Arthur protested in a sleepy tone, rolling over to turn his back on her.“Hush… okay, that's fine by me.” To his dismay Mira didn't protest, not even a little.“Fine by you?" Arthur finds himself asking with a hint of suspicion and a frown marring his face. “ yes of course, after all… I won't be affected by any rumors,”“Rumors?, what rumors?…”“What will it be?, the of DeHaven wasn't just girlish, you should have seen how he slept like a lady even after breakfast…” “ What!It's past breakfast already?” Arthur asked, instantly jumping out of bed, like someone who mistakenly
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Grand Lord Daemon trudged along the path that led to his chamber. But the sight of a woman standing by his door caused him to halt. “Fuck!,by the gods how did she known I'm back?”he cursed with a frown, glaring at her as if she was the last thing he wants to see at that moment. He looked back and forth as if contemplating whether to retreat since she was yet to feel his presence. But then the gods were not on his side today. “My Lord!" Mistress Barbra greeted him with a bright smile that could put the sun to shame. "You have returned?, what happened?, are you alright?" She asks, seeing his disheveled state.“ Woman, do I look alright? ” he snapped at her, freeing his hand from her grip. "How did you even come to know of my imminent arrival,huh?" he asked, irritated."Even though you detest me so, you should never forget that we now share the same feeling my Lord," she replied in a whisper, taking a step away from him. "How was your journey?" Her lips pulled up into a bright smile
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Shocked and horrified, prince Arthur crawled backward dragging his butt on the sandy floor in effort to get away from the crazy king.Who knows what has gotten over him, but then he's the supreme King, the only being who doesn't need a reason to end someone's life. How did he manage to offend such a person?, if he dies here what will become of his sister?.Thought upon thought kept bumping up in his head as the young prince tried to get away from the man who's fast approaching. Even though his movements are painstakingly slow, Prince Arthur noticed that a step from the crazy king is like three of his. With his heart in his mouth the prince stuttered “ yo… your… ma… jes.. ty majesty,wha…, are …”he trails off when his trembling hand came in contact with something on the floor, and his back hit something, no matter how much effort he add to his back to push whatever it was that was behind him, it didn't move instead a little groan entered his ears. Slowly he spun his head to take a look.
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“ Ahh!!!!!! " Prince Arthur screamed inside his head, as he pulled the duvet over his face." By the heavens I'm doomed!What did I do?!!” His body was trembling very badly as he recalled what happened at the river bank.{ FLASH BACK }“ Yo.. your highness, what do you want? " Pulling away from the embrace prince Arthur asked, his face was all red.“ I was wondering why you are still alive after touching me." King Xerxes said casually after a long silence. His black eyes coldly scrutinized the little man in front of him .“Seriously” the prince scoffed mentally “ probably because my male spirit, I'm a man your highness."“ We will know after I test you."“ Test me?!, what test your majesty?!" Before he could protest he was already pulled into his strong arms, his manly scent wafted into his nose paralyzing his brain." Stay still! " He ordered with husky and aroused tone.“ Your majesty, what are you doing in broad daylight?!” He blurted out in fear, when something warm and hard got s
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