BEYOND THE DARKNESS: The Alpha's Little Witch

BEYOND THE DARKNESS: The Alpha's Little Witch

By:  Cassandra M  Completed
Language: English
195 ratings
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Five years after the death of his fated mate, Alpha Blade found himself lost in the abyss of life. He had abandoned his pack and chose to lead a mercenary life to avenge the death of Soledad, his fated mate. But even after justice was served, he felt empty, and the need to take more lives had become his way of life. With too much blood in his hands, he became ruthless and cold-hearted, with no direction, no goal, and no will to survive—until destiny decided to play a cruel joke on him and gave him a light witch for a second-chance mate.  Confused and not wanting to betray the memory of his first mate, Blade fought against the new bond the Goddess gave him, only to find himself being drawn more to the young witch who was slowly lighting up the darkness surrounding him. But when lies, betrayals, and secrets come to light, will their bond survive the test of fate, or will the truth spiral them into the darkness lurking behind the shadow?  ***** BEYOND THE DARKNESS: The Alphas Little Witch is the third installment of the INTO THE DARKNESS SAGA. To understand the world I created, I highly suggest reading the first two books, also available on Goodnovel/Buenovela/Meganovel. INTO THE DARKNESS SAGA BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha's Little Demon BRAVING THE DARKNESS: One Night With the Demon King (attached to the book Beneath Her Darkness - after its epilogue) BEYOND THE DARKNESS: The Alpha's Little Witch ***** For updates and teasers, follow me on my I G and F B  - author.cassa.m /

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Jesse Dayton
This is another great book to add to the "DARKNESS" series. Althea and Blades' story is a great story A strong FL and ML but together they're unstoppable The story shows such love, growth, loyalty, and trust The ending is different from her usual ones but I like it. You should read the entire series
2024-06-12 08:06:11
default avatar
I love your writing. You are the only writer that makes me cry happy and sad for your characters. Sometimes I get so mad at them you would think they are real, my family laughs at me. Keep up the good work keep writing these stories
2024-06-09 06:33:52
default avatar
A wonderfully written book that will keep you on the edge of your seat and always wanting more.
2024-06-08 11:18:53
default avatar
Katie Scott
Once again this author has written another awesome book! Can’t wait to read the next one!!
2024-06-06 09:42:50
user avatar
Tiffany Carlson
As all of your books, this was another amazing story! Just have to say, these maybe different worlds that you typically write, but you knock it out of the park every time with the combination of witches, werewolfs, and demons! I love the demons! Thank you ...
2024-06-06 05:13:34
user avatar
Another beautiful creation by Cass ...
2024-06-03 22:15:55
user avatar
Hira T
Good read. Give it a go.
2024-06-02 13:11:48
default avatar
Amazing, looking forward to Blair’s story now.. ...️
2024-06-02 08:56:52
default avatar
Sarah Geer
Loved this book and can’t wait for the next generation!
2024-06-02 07:34:20
user avatar
Monica Tung
Absolutely loved this one! Another great work! Excited for the next book!
2024-06-02 03:01:31
user avatar
Sylvia Gibbs
This Book was/is amazing!!! Bravo Author, I can't wait for the next book.
2024-06-01 14:05:17
user avatar
All of cassander books are brilliant as soon as you start reading you can't put the books down. I recommend you read this one and all her others as you will not be disappointed
2024-05-31 20:18:07
user avatar
I love this book. I’ve read several of Cassandra’s book and out of them Into the Darkness is my fav series. I can’t wait to read about the next generation.
2024-05-31 11:22:17
user avatar
Cassandra M 's book for me sets the bar higher for the wolves and demons and witches stories. especially this book, it's a rollercoaster of emotions. But at the end it is still a HEA. I will surely miss Blade and Althea's adventure. and surely trusting the process of the story always.
2024-05-30 16:21:01
default avatar
I started this book and realized there are books before this. I read Adan and Lucy and continued with Lucius and Patrea before coming back to read this . I dont know what I will do now that this book ended. Lol. Love this series. I can't wait for Blair's book
2024-05-30 05:27:47
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141 Chapters
001 - Her
BLADE. A euphoric groan escaped from my throat as my hold on the female’s hips in front of me tightened. I was lying on my back while she was sitting on top of me, straddling my front with her hands on my chest, sending explosive sparks all over my body and drowning me in pleasure I had not experienced in a very long time. This was pure bliss. A smug smirk tugged on my mouth before I squinted my eyes, trying to have a clearer view of her because I couldn’t see her face at all. Her long, dark plum hair was cascading over her, shadowing her face. But I was sure I had never encountered her before, yet she felt familiar. But not knowing who she was was the least of my worries. I was more concerned about what we were doing. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a female in my arms, especially like this. I knew I shouldn’t have anyone, yet I didn’t want to end this. “Fuck!” I growled as my hips bucked faster, hitting her hard as she bounced on top of me. I let my hand move, my fing
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002 - Living In Isolation
ALTHEA. I had become accustomed to living alone after my mother died two years ago. I had no idea about the cause of her death. I just found her not breathing in the middle of the forest of the red mountain after two days of non-stop searching for her. My mother would never abandon me for more than 24 hours without notice. This time, she told me she would gather herbs at the mountain’s east end, but she would return before nightfall. The night came, and the morning followed, but she was nowhere home. I waited until lunchtime, and when she didn’t appear, I prepared to go after her. The forest was full of creatures beyond what a human mind could comprehend. Shifters were everywhere. The bears and the wolves were the most commonly encountered, according to Mom. But as much as they were dangerous and everywhere, I was lucky to have never met one. And I hoped that I would find my mother before I crossed paths with any shifters or any other species, not from the human realm. I was n
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003 - No Decency
ALTHEA. “Have you got no decency?” I shrieked at him. “You hideous creature! Get that thing off my face!” “Can you fucking calm down! I’m a shifter! Nakedness doesn’t bother me!” “'I'm not a shifter and I don’t go around naked or see naked people around me!” “If you’re not fucking aware, I can see your breasts and your pussy but I don’t act as if it’s the end of the fucking world!” He scoffed. I hissed before I swam to the nearest rocks and hid part of my body before I spoke. “Again, leave.” I had no idea if I was disappointed he saw my private parts or because he was simply ignoring that he saw them while I was so affected by his nakedness. “Are you a witch? I need to speak with the witch of the red mountain." He ignored my words again. “I don’t have time to answer your question!” "Oh, come on, little mermaid! Just answer my question, and I’ll be out of your hair!” I glared at him but didn’t answer. I motioned with my hands, and my clothes shot up in the air and landed in
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004 - You're my mate, little witch
ALTHEA. I arrived at my home and tried to go on with my routine, but I couldn’t seem to focus. Everything reminded me of him. I could see his muscles flexing and the way his jaw tightened, and even with his nose flaring and his eyes glaring at me, I found myself attracted to his physical features. Something was definitely wrong with me. For the rest of the day, I fought with myself not to think about him. At one point, I even screamed at the top of my lungs and let out energy from my body that had all my pans and pots dropped and clattered on the floor. But I still couldn’t get him off my mind. I finally gave up and let my desire for him take over. I drew my curtains close, even though I knew I was alone in this part of the mountain, and sat on my small couch. I leaned my back against it and bent my knees, anchoring my feet on the sofa as I parted my legs and slipped my hand inside my dress and into my underpants. I let go and pleasured myself with thoughts of the man I
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005 - This Mess
ALTHEA. He was so close. Too close, I wanted to kiss him. Something was really wrong with me. This pairing was impossible from the very beginning. He was too old for me. He has an impossible temper. He’s a werewolf. And he was still in love with his mate. My hands went to clutch his hand that was holding my chin, taking it off my face as I dropped my gaze away from him, breaking the magic between us. “The food will get cold if we keep it waiting,” I said in a soft voice. I didn’t want to fight him anymore. Having him too close was making me weak. This was not a good sign. He was making me vulnerable. “Right. Let’s eat. I’m famished.” The last two words came out as if he growled them lowly, and my traitorous core clenched at the sexiness of his voice. It was a struggle to stay still while sitting in front of him, but I survived dinner without snapping at him. And he gave me back the same courtesy. We were both civil, but I could tell he was as uncomfortable as I was. But at
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006 - Short Legs
ALTHEA. I woke up refreshed and a bit later than usual. I really had a good sleep, which I hadn't had for a while. Maybe because there was a good-looking man in my house. But then I remember what he did last night and how he wanted nothing to do with me. But instead of getting disappointed, I chose to have a good day today. So, I started preparing breakfast for both of us. It had been a long time since I cooked for someone, and last night, I couldn’t help being happy that he seemed to like the beef stew I made because he ate so much. Maybe he was too hungry, or it was really a good meal. I had no idea how he felt about the food, as he never told me anything, but nevertheless, I appreciated my food being enjoyed. I hummed and smiled, making small pans and pots dance around me as I put the finishing touches on the omelet and pancakes I made. I had a few eggs left, and I had to go on a half-day hike down to an old man who had poultry if I wanted more. I did try taking care of c
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007 - His Female
BLADE. The walk down from her cottage to the foot of the mountain where I left my jeep went smoothly as Althea was secured in my back. She asked to be put down after a few hours, but I ignored her until she fell asleep when the night fell. I didn’t stop to sleep, as I didn’t want to have nightmares when she was around me. She didn’t need to realize how messed up I was. Besides, I wanted to reach Stone’s territory soon. The years of training as an Alpha, as well as my everyday life in the wild as a mercenary, had prepared me for this moment. I was used to being awake for many days straight, so staying alert even at night was not a problem. I never got tired easily, but having someone on my back for many hours straight was something I hadn’t experienced before. Although this little fire had a small frame, she was heavy, but despite that, my body felt at ease carrying her instead of worrying that she might fall and break anything on her body. She was so little and so fucking cl
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008 - A Glimpse of His Soft Side
(Free Chapter)ALTHEA. The last two days went by so fast, and I felt like I was just floating, making sense of everything. I was picked up from my comfort zone and thrust into a world I knew but had never experienced yet. The wolves and their pack. All I knew was that I liked Lucy, the half-she-demon and half-she-wolf who needed my help. I promised to help her, but in return, I asked her to kill my grandmother, Patrea. She was trapped in the demon world for many decades. I did ask Lucy to kill her, even if I didn’t want to, because it was the only way she could be freed from that realm. My mother told me that Patrea sold her body to a demon king, thinking she was outsmarting him by not binding her soul to him. But she didn’t know the demon would take it literally and trap her body in that realm. And to make it worse, he did something to her so she wouldn’t age, and no one but him and his bloodline could kill her in the underworld. My grandmother wanted death, as she was tir
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009 - Husband and Wife
BLADE. The drive to Salenda was long and painful. Althea was quiet the whole time, and every time a sound erupted somewhere outside of my vehicle, her body would jolt. She was scared, but she was trying to put on a tough facade. I already wanted to regret taking her here. It was selfish of me to place her in danger when she was living comfortably in the red mountains and was just worried if she would run out of food to eat, but never about demons. I knew there was no room for regret, but I wanted her safe. And not just safe, I wanted her to be able to get back to the life she was accustomed to. But I had no idea where to start from. I had killed many shifters, one after the other, but I had yet to face a demon. I was sure I was nothing in front of them, but I was sure as hell that I would not let them touch Althea if I could. I would never let another mate die on my watch. “Are you a couple?” The witch in front of us asked. I sat beside Althea in the middle of the living room
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010 - Small Things
ALTHEA. “I can sleep on the floor,” Blade said after he closed the door, and we were left alone in that small room. I bit my bottom lip, trying to stifle a giggle from escaping my throat the moment I turned around to look at him. The roof was low, and he had to hunch his back to avoid bumping his head. “What’s funny?” He asked, scowling. Gone was the soft expression that was on his face earlier. Probably because pretending we were a couple no longer applied when we were alone. But I wasn’t even acting when I cried in the living room. I didn’t want him to leave because even if I was annoyed with him all the time, I wanted him around me. “You look uncomfortable with how small this room is for you,” I told him. “I am. I hate small spaces. I hate small things. I could crush them easily.” He answered right away. The smile on my lips was wiped out immediately. It just reminded me that I was one of the small things he never liked. “Will you be fine on the floor? We can share the pi
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