Chapter 09

🌹Lucy pov🌹

OMG!, he is walking up to us, what will happen now, he looks scary, who is he?.

Now I have a clearer view of him, truth to be told he looked cuter than Simon.

He has a long face, a pointed nose, with his small red lips, wait? does he use a lipstick? this guy is a mysterious being, even with the fact that he looks scary he is still cute, he has a small golden earring on his right ear, and a tiny golden chain on his neck.

Wow! what a perfect physique.

"Lucy who are looking at?" Simon's voice brought me back from my thought.

"Look at your back, he's coming towards us" I said and he turned. 

But oops!, before he turned back completely the mysterious guy's phone rang and he changed his direction, but why is he going out to answer his call, I need to know who this guy is.

"Ohh!, these guys. Andrew isn't here with them, why?" Simon muttered.

"Simon, did you know them?" I asked and he nodded positively.

"Who is the Andrew you are talking about?" I asked.

"Those guys are"

"Hi, Simon" three ugly strippers said walking up to us. 

Shit!, they don't even let Simon tell me what he was about to tell me. 

"You came with someone?" one of them asked eyeing me.

I think this bitch want to die tonight.

"Yes I came with my girlfriend" he replied and my eye widened in horror.

"What the fuck! Simon" I exclaimed furiously.

"You can go, we will see some other time" he said to the strippers and they sent me some deadly glare before walking away.

"Simon what did you mean by saying  I'm girlfriend? huh?" I asked angrily.

"I just said that to chase them away, nothing more" he said smiling.

"Stop that naughty smile because you know it will cool my temper" I said and hit his hand playfully.

"Excuse me, please I  need to use the restroom" I added.

"Did you know how you will get there?" he asked.

"Don't worry I will find my way there" I replied and stood up before he could say anything.

I want to know who the mysterious guy is.

🌹Andrew pov🌹

"Hello" I said into the phone.

"Good evening Andrew, I called to feed you back on what we discussed last time" Our former family doctor said.

"Really?, okay I'm with you, is it true that my mum was pregnant before my dad's demise?" I asked impatiently.

"Yes Andy, it's true, the last time your mum came to the hospital, she was tested positive, so, that means you have a little sister or brother, just do your dad a favour of looking for him/her" he replied.

What if she aborted it already?.


I curse this woman for being the thorn in my flesh.

"Okay doctor, we will talk later" I said and disconnected the call.


This woman is wicked, and I repeat anything I set my eyes on her and her so-called husband, that day will mark their end in this life.

But can I have a little sibling? what if she aborted the pregnant already?.

My life is just getting more and more complicated every day.

How do I look for my sibling?, and I have sworn not to ever step my feet in my Aunt's house.

I have an unfinished mission and that bitch refused to show her ugly face, she is the first mission on my mind right now after then I can search for my sister. 

But why am I having the feeling that someone is behind me? okay, let's check if it's true or not.

I turned swiftly and a lady also turned before I could get to where she is, she ran off already.

Who is she?.

Is she a spy?.

Was she not the same lady staring at me when I want to go and get our drink some minutes ago?.

But she came with a man because I saw her sitting with someone, who are they? I must find out, I quickly dashed after her but before I got in they left already.


What if they are a spy and she heard everything I said if I truly have a junior one that means he/she is not safe anymore.


Who the heck are they?.

🌹Simon pov🌹

I intentionally said Lucy is my girlfriend to those strippers, I'm trying to confess my feeling to her little by little till the day I will tell her directly.

She looked furious when I said so, and I saw it too, that was why I fake a smile and thank goodness it calmed her down.

But she's supposed to be back by now, what is she still doing in the restroom?. 

"Simon let's find somewhere else to sit" she said jolting me out of my thought.

"Lucy where are coming from and why are acting weird?" I asked but instead of her to reply to me, she just dragged me to another angle of the clubhouse. 

"Lucy, what's happening?" I asked curiously. 

"Nothing I just felt like acting weird" she replied. 

"Really?" I asked. 

"Yes, and you were telling me something about those guys before those ugly bitches interrupted you, can you continue now?" she asked with a lot of seriousness. 

"Lucy those guys are nothing, they are my friends" I lied. 

How will I tell her Andrew was the assassin that killed her family?, we will still tell her though, because that's why she's here in the first place but I won't be the to tell her, the boss will do that herself. 

"Simon you are lying and it shows clearly that you are lying, they are your friends, why don't you greet them?" she asked and arched her brow. 

"So this is where you are? "we heard a voice behind us and we both turned back. 

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