Chapter 152

Chapter 152 


If there is one thing that I'm good  and doing besides following instructions... It's not following instructions when I feel the urge to protect my own. That includes my brother and  people that I care about . 

When Blake told me to run , I didn't run instead of running away I went towards the danger. I know that Jeremiah is a very dangerous man and I  wouldn't leave my brother alone  with him. When I heard the gun go off my heart sank, I didn't know who had the gun and I didn't know who shot it I didn't know what on down downstairs and if there's one thing that I don't like is not knowing what's going on because I'm always in the know and I know how to keep my secrets secret.

I grabbed my crutches and started limping as fast as I can to the stairs. I threw my crutches over the staircase and slid down she banister. I should remember to thank Ellie

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