Chapter 370

Chapter 370


I don't like being hurt preferably I would love to do the hair thing because I know that I I'm getting something out of it I'm getting cathartic experience but the only thing I like getting as a punching bag which of course I love hurting because it doesn't fight back and it's just there for me to take out my frustration but when somebody takes out their frustration when you turn extent it's called abuse if you allow it to happen on a constant basis but in this case it wasn't to be my best friend who I really appreciate right now and I am happy and Proud to call a friend.

I have to say that he pulled a number on me I'm in pain and I'm recovering from The Blues that he told me to make it look like I was involved in an attack this guy's a professional at what he does and I didn't have any makeup so he made it look like it was very young and I have been coming for a little while I don't know how he does it but he's a genius and I'm thinking that Daniel bought the fact
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