Chapter 4


I am in love. I am in love again with someone I shouldn't have let go of. Listening to someone who always thought Ellie was not worthy of anything good; resulted in me having my heart being broken, by someone who never really loved me and is now pregnant with a guy who got me suspended pending a hearing. I was having coffee with a couple of friends and one of them spotted Ellie .She had left without saying goodbye to me . I understood why because the twins filled me in on a lot of things. I also cannot believe Betty knew about my mother being in hospital and cutting them off when they called and asked her for me. My mother had had an accident and judging by the extent of the injury and surgery, both the twins and her couldn't afford it. When they called Ellie she called a family doctor and she foot the bill for everything including a nurse to take care of my mother while the twins were at school. 

My mother refused to give me any documentation ; but I found it in our study just a couple of days ago when I was prepping for the meeting with Ellie with regards to work. I was going to be working with her. I needed a break. The amount that Ellie paid was; the equivalent of my salary for two months . Beth and I breaking up cost me my lifestyle but not the necessary things I bought in my name. I had an apartment in a building with a car too , that I could afford. I was done with Beth for good . I needed to focus on cleaning up the mess I made and stop blaming my mother , for my father leaving. It was probably for the best because I kept the trauma I endured secret. When my mother found out about the beatings; she went buck crazy .Ellie was good at tending to my wounds , especially that rainy one rainy night I came running in bruised and bleeding . I was also hungry and she fed me. We stayed indoors that weekend and we both did our homework. I had left everything and ran out with nothing but the clothes on my back. The next morning she snuck out and came back with some of my clothes and stuff from the house . She told me that my dad had passed out so . I spent the next week in their guest room which was right next door to Eleanor's room. When my mom came back to fetch me he saw my healing scars. I had to go through therapy with her. My mother kept the house because it was in her name and the divorce almost bankrupted us... That's when I found football. I played it at school, made the junior regional team, moved up the ranks and on a day I thought of giving up I went for tryouts and I boom I had made it into the clubs institution. Ellie had been my biggest fan and supporter from day one. When I broke her heart I felt like crap... And now that I have her back I don't ever want to do what I did to her.

Last night I drove her home , ran a her a bath, tucked her in and fell asleep next to her. She smells like roses in the morning and love watching her sleep. I am not being creepy , I just almost missed out on a lot. Ellie's phone rang and she gently slipped out of bed leaving me a bit cold . She was talking to Mary; because I could hear her high pitched voice from where I was . There was a Halloween party at the Club and I didn't trust Mary at all. She was a bad friend. Ellie has a forgiving heart but she can be too trusting. I have proven my trust to her and she has really opened up to me in more ways than one . I sat up and took in the view trying to jack up all my switches. The only thing jacked up was something else entirely different and it was not my brain. Deep breaths wouldn't help so I ended up taking a cold shower and heading downstairs. Ellie was busy typing away...

" Good morning Leanor ."

She stopped what she was doing to come give me a hug and a kiss. 

" Afternoon MJ . Why did you let me sleep so long? "

I pulled back and held her by her waist 

" You needed your rest. I should also feed you."

Ellie pulled back 

" That and other things before I go out with Mary."

" I don't like her."

" I know ."

" Take a rain check ."

" Why?"

" she is a bad influence on you ."

" I will be fine . Besides I am a big girl I can take care of myself ."

" I know."

I hugged her and she hugged me back. She pulled back and smiled. 

"Look on the bright side your birthday is on the third of November."

" Yes and?"

" I am still a fan of Sundays being reserved strictly for Good food and church."

"You are my kind of church and we haven't prayed ."

" I did... What kind of praying are you talking about?"

" I am already dressed and I haven't had my morning dose off coffee yet ."

"What kind of coffee ?"

" You ."


" Well ... I can wait up for you ..."

" After giving me blue bean I don't think so."

Ellie kissed my jaw and walked upstairs .

"Ellie what is blue bean?"

I ran after her upstairs . She was wearing cotton shorts and a tank top and I was in navy blue sweats.

" Blue bean is blue bean . "



She smiled at me and disappeared into the bathroom, and switched on the shower .

" Ellie?"

" It is almost two and I am going out at four ."

"Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting !"

I walked into the bathroom and she peeked her head out from the shower that was steaming up.

"Yes. You had a cold shower the water is hot ish."

She beckoned me with her finger 

" So instead of coffee in the morning..."

" I am suggesting coffee in the afternoon unless you have better things to do?"


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