Chapter Eighty One

"Asher, I...." she began.

He pressed his fingers to her mouth. "Don't say anything, Kimberly. You don't have to"

"Yes, I do" Kimberly said. "You saved me... Again. Not just from Christopher. But you showed me that I was tough and capable"

"You always knew that. You always have been" Asher replied.

"Maybe, but I never had to prove it before" She shrugged. "I shot you"

"Good for you. You did what you had to in order to survive.. To save your father"

"Oh right. I ran straight to the enemy"

"You didn't know that. The point is you needed to escape from me and you did" he said.

His casual acceptance of her actions made her heart sick. "I should have trusted you"

"We have been over that" he leaned close and kissed her forehead. "The reality of all this is you haven't even known me for long. In a dangerous situation, everything is heightene

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