“GET UP! The boss wants you outside in 10 minutes!”

The booming voice of one of Fallon’s henchmen made us both wake with a start. In seconds, Thale was out of bed, still naked, striding towards the door. He ripped it open, and although I could not see the look he gave the burly bald-man, I could see that it was making the recipient cower.

Perhaps he had forgotten that he was waking up a dragon.

The man scurried away with his tail between his legs, and Thale shut the door with a slam. He rested his forehead on the wooden panel, trying to take a deep breath.

I padded over to him and placed my hand lightly on his shoulder. “It’s okay. It’s time to get this over with.”

We dressed quickly, knowing that it was not wise to keep Fallon waiting. Not when we were about to try and trick him. He had to be as congenial as possible.

Just before leaving the room, Thale pulled me in for a final kiss. “Whatever

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